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Performed by Mario

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Amazin sng !! | Reviewer: Sian | 1/28/05

OMG this sng is propa clas i cnt stop singin it im alwayssingin it its soooooooooooooooooo gd, Go Mario !!

You can love me anytime, honey... | Reviewer: charmed_25 | 1/27/05

Wow! Can't believe this man is only 18! Well done...Mario nailed this song. I think it's one I'll never get tired of. Men...take notes cause this man has got it hands down!!!

damn,i love dat song | Reviewer: sexy | 1/25/05

wel,its da best i gues.wen i listen to it,i wish it woz ma boyfriend who woz singing it 4 me.damn,mario he so good..

Romantic | Reviewer: Sandra | 1/21/05

I absolutely love this song. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. The lyrics, the video, the choreography, everything was just beautiful.
I could never get tired of listening to it and Mario is so GORGEOUS!


I love Mario and I love love love ....... this song | Reviewer: Marlene | 1/15/05

Mario is oh my goodness the best male singer out there. I love him soooooo much and this song is unbelievably great. I listen to it when I wake up in the mornings and when I come home from work. I am Mario's biggest fan. I love you Mario.

I could dig on this song all day!.... and night! | Reviewer: shannon | 1/12/05

I love this song ...i dont usually want to go out and buy a cd... but i want this cd it makes me wish my "boyfriend" would actually say nice things like that to me ..*tear*

wat more can i say than 'BRILLIANT' | Reviewer: catherine | 1/12/05

I hadnt heard this song untill my boyfriend told me how gr8 it was, and goin on his taste in music i was apprhensive about listenin 2 it, im so glad i did, this is the best song ive heard in ages! the gr8 lyrics and smooth beat just make it a wkd song 2 chill 2.

~!!ghetto!!~ | Reviewer: je$$ica | 1/11/05

this song is ghetto like,its such a relaxin song...wen u r im a bad mood or jus vex coz of summat ..i luv it 2 bitts!!
listen carefully blud...its so nice!

My Fave song /Mario is fine | Reviewer: Kara | 1/8/05

This is my favorite song out of all the songs he did because it reminds me of one of my friends so he put it in to the kinda words people would listen to and I think thats really awsome I mean I love to sing and Everyone tells me Im really good and This is the song im always singing.

Elo!!!!! | Reviewer: Amie | 1/8/05

This song is good it reminds me ov my frinds bf lol!! it heavy!!!!!

Hell ya | Reviewer: roses | 12/9/04

mario somg is so so man i love that song makes me think about what i use to have and want back.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/04

I love this song. It makes me think of my wannabe boyfriend and me wishing that he would say something like that to me.

Good Song | Reviewer: pete | 10/30/04

Like it alot, makes me think of my gf. It's hard as hell to find any info about this song and the album though. 10/29/04

review for Let Me Love You by: Mario | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/04

I love this song its really sweet and the video for it is hot

love it!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/04

love this song soo much!!! its great i could listen to it alll day!

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