Insanity | Reviewer: Dedwin Hedon | 12/5/12

I know this is late, but I've never had the need to come to a lyrics site.

That being said, as someone who was raised as a Christian and no longer is one, I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding of anything to do with not only Manson, but all modern music.

Christians find it impossible to look at something as a creative and fictional outlet for things. If something mentions God, it has to be pro or anti, there is no middle ground. Christians are unable to look at something and see that God is being used as a metaphor. God is not your idea alone. Truthfully, the idea of God has been here and will be here long after your religion is gone.

If I can quote another Manson song to sum this up, "Disposable Teens" from "Holywood", a direct quote from Manson is, "I've never really hated a one true god, but the god of the people I've hated." Christians don't see that with their nonsense and their quibbling that they actually drive more people away from their religion than bring to it. Maybe if you just lived the message of Christ, and were what you say you are, "Little Christs" which is what Christian means, instead of arguing and demanding that people respect your beliefs, more people would be willing to leave you alone, but a week doesn't pass without some news story of how Christians are being persecuted in America, a nation which still votes with their emotions instead of their brains.

You're all doing more harm to your religion than Manson ever has or will. If you don't like his music or lyrics, don't listen. I don't run around saying how shitty gospel music is because I don't like it, I just don't listen.

You are all so ignorant. | Reviewer: VoiceOfTruth | 9/8/11

All you have to do is read the lyrics. It's laid out pretty plainly. This clearly has nothing to do with religion. He's singing about how when he dreams. In his dreams he has the ultimate power. You people are stupid if you can't see that. I think you might need to read it again. He's singing about all the stuff happening in the real world. Then he said "My world is unaffected." meaning that his dream world isn't the same as the real. Then he says, "There is an exit here." When he dreams it's an escape from the real world. And then he goes on to say "I say it is and it's true." Clearly he's talking about lucid dreaming. You do whatever you want when you're dreaming. You people read to much into things and let your mind get clouded with bullshit. The answers are laid right out before you. Just fucking read it!

anarchist | Reviewer: Eleazar | 11/22/10

mm is a nihilist anarchist the song deals with relations between humans the idea of there is no one god to look up to, there are only me or yous that makes a convenient figure head so that there is no physical realization that you are the one true god.

wow | Reviewer: l | 8/23/10

MM is a good artist however i am sadden by all who buy into what he says in his music. So many talk about not buying into things and you are a product of this society. So many talk about being orginal but your all the same...Oh and by the way so many of you hate christians and you are the ones who are closed hate them because you dont understand them and you think some hate you because they dont understand you but let me tell those who do hates all who sin are not in God's kingdom...

(just an opinion) | Reviewer: jan v.biljon | 5/4/10

we all have our hang-ups deal with them.... ... jesus taught me not to victimise (even though i know that he probly never lived), manson taught me not to be a victim---> the best social advice i have ever received. I think that if there is a god, he put manson here for a reason, to challenge and to speak his mind.. thats what he's about

at night we go mad | Reviewer: Wilfrido | 4/26/10

i um, feel, like ,i live in my lil fantasy my lil bubble but like the man says here..the more i sleep the more im awake in my lil world but i can still percive the outside and i dont need to get in , i dont feel like it, so , thanks MM for ur art
fuck if its evil or not , its full of hate
n hate is a beautiful feeling
cuz love is so blurry this days
so fuck it all
n i like transexuals too
n i find young girls sexy
im evil?
im a fuckin human in the damn XX1 century

Laura is an idiot. | Reviewer: Educated Fool | 1/21/10

Laura said "If your beliefs don't agree with Manson's (who is, by the way, Atheist. That is not a form of Satanism"

he is a reverend in the church of satan which was founded in 1966 on the 6th of june ;)

why why why do people open their uneducated mouths & add to the countless amounts of false information that resides within the internet.

But i guess you would have to be older than 12years old to know any real facts about manson other than " how cool he is" .

get INFORMED yourself, before you try to inform others ffs noobs.

bla bla bla | Reviewer: terry_kapers | 8/2/09

That's one of my favorite songs.I love MM and all his songs.This thig-the war between christians and satanists I thing it's bullshit.People can choose their own path,but when it's the wrong one,they have to blame someone-God or the Devil.

Christians vs. Manson | Reviewer: xtine | 7/8/09

Manson IS a satanist!
Satanist doesn't mean worshiping satan.. it means you believe you are your own god!
He is a self-proclaimed satanist!
Anyways I am a Christian but I understand Manson and I love him so much. He is a total genius.
The things people say about him are often made up anyways.
And yes you can't take his lyrics at face value.. you have to understand him and think about his lyrics.

religion & great song! | Reviewer: Thereflectingreflection | 5/2/09

Well i agree with the whole thing we are responsible for our own actions. And i think god is just around so we feel less responsible for our own actions and so we can always feel forgiven. And if its all true and real i still don't get why i should be punished and sinned for a bunch of people i didn't know who killed jesus thousands of years before my time. Christianity is a hypocrites dream really. But i don't hate religion, the bible is a story and it has inspired, influenced and shaped us all. But if your part of one religion how can you sit there and deny the rest? thats where things go wrong. Its best to be neautral and just study it, not be part of it. Without religion Mansons music would be pretty much pointless. Great song! and one of the best bands ever!

Hmm | Reviewer: M | 5/1/09

Adam criticizes others for being too arrogant these days, yet he claims that he will kick someone else's ass for being arrogant, which is arrogant in itself for assuming that he wouldn't get his ass kicked instead. Although, he was correct in saying that this is about Satanism, which isn't actually the worship of Satan, but the belief that oneself is God. Either way, I think many Westerners are completely misled since the majority of them have not explored Eastern religious philosophies, which tend to make more sense with belief in a higher power that resides within oneself.

Frustrated.. | Reviewer: Nick | 4/30/09

I love MM and seriously hate how Christians and religious people judge him by his appearance and music. I mean there are christian bands and we don't trash on them, so why do people trash on him being Atheist and making music? Atheist is just as a religion as Christianity and Catholicism (sorry for spelling) is. People blame him for troubled kids? Give me a break.. kids are just stupid if they run around shooting people just because they listen to Marilyn Manson. It's not his fault, he just makes his music, and says what he feels, STOP JUDGING HIM.

Satanism | Reviewer: Adam (: | 4/15/09

In case people didnt realise this song is about satanism(:
and no
not the devil worshipping bullshit the LaVeyan type. the idea behind it is that you are God because you control your own destiny fate, and that instead of going to God to helping to achieve goals etc because you are God you think it through with logic and rationality. misfitxvampire is right, christians do try to make others feel guilty for not following them, but thats because there ignorant and arrogant, if they bothered to listen to the lyrics they would realise how all Marilyn Manson songs are not about death and murder,they all have reasons behind them, Marilyn is definatately one of the greatest lyracists of our time if not the greatest. I was raised a christian, but i no longer believe in it as i dont see how things make sense in it, its all to vague for me, so nobody has the right to shove their religion down my throat or i will kick their ass for being so arrogant. I think people too arrogant nowadays to accept what people want to be/are. nevertheless this is an AMAZING song and is definately one of my all-time favourites

Christians vs. Manson | Reviewer: Vedie | 4/5/09

your right misiftxvampire, thats how i feel too, i'm like in LOVE with Marilyn Manson (ok not really, i dont even know him, that would be wierd) and all those christians can kiss my ass! When i listen to manson i dont feel guilty about being bipolar, about using sex like a drug, i feel almost normal. And if ANYONE thinks they can take this away from me, then they got another thing comin' ;)

Misunderstanding, much? | Reviewer: Laura | 3/25/09

Just because Manson has been dubbed "King of Goth" by some people, doesn't make him Satanist. Neither does a lack of belief in heaven and hell. I don't believe god exists and I don't believe in Satan, either. If your beliefs don't agree with Manson's (who is, by the way, Atheist. That is not a form of Satanism), you know what you need to do? You need to get over that and move on. He's not going to change his music for you, so just forget about it.

This song's awesome and Manson's a fantastic song-writer xD <3 Love the guy to death :D