scar. scar. can you feel my power | Reviewer: Erika | 3/9/09

dam.. i love this song to death. i love marilyn manson to death! he's badass.. this song is not in the least bit evil! its real shit that everyone thinks about all the time.. even the christians and everyone has doubts about heaven and hell. i know i do.
anyway.. i love all of marilyn manson's lyrics.. they are so amazing!

Christians Vs. Marilyn | Reviewer: misiftxvampire | 1/29/09

I love Marilyn and all his songs but I cant stand all these Christians trying to make me feel guilty for listening to music I like. I'm sick their bullshit that he's the devil. Im still a Christian but Marilyn helps me with anger, depression, feelings of sucicide and feeling like a freak. I'm not going to stop listening to Marilyn no matter what he does on stage or what he believes. So Christians should stop protesting cuz we did piss on their songs. The world hates Marilyn cuz he's different. Big suprise. They pin him for violent music yet the most popular type of music is rap and thats all fights and sex. But everyone is entitled to their own opinon but I still think normal people are blinded by his "intersting" appearance they wont give him a chance. What stupid people. Luv ya Marilyn!

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/08

It's like December 2008 and I still think this song is fantastic. Manson is someone who writes classics. His music will withstand the test of time and the message is something that leaves each listener to their own devices.

Love the song

Song Of The Anthiest's | Reviewer: Michelle | 12/5/08

I was raised as a christian and still am but I see the points of anthiests and I adore Marilyn Manson with all my heart. I hate when people judge him and espically when they call him a satanist, he is an antheist! His music has such much meaning and its so popular and extremely weird(in a good way!) I'm in a love with anything weird and unique so Marilyn Manson is amazing to me! His black nail polish is so sexy. But basically this song is the shit and I think Christians are fine listening to it, so whatever. Stop hating on Marilyn!

Here we go... | Reviewer: Jodie | 9/28/08

It's actually kind of funny how so many people on here refuse to be objective. Everyone has a right to their opinion, Manson has a right to his; if it offends you, then stay away from his music. We have enough Christian propaganda thrown at us day after day, I think it's good to have a fresh perspective on things. His whole point (if you read his biography, you'll see) is that society is repressed by all different kinds of organizations and we should let that go and be individuals with our own thoughts and opinions; free thinkers. Please, both sides of you-- satanists and christians-- consider this before you have an all-out war over these lyrics. If you like Christian metal, listen to it; I happen to like UNDERoath and As I Lay Dying but I'm not Christian... maybe enjoy music for its quality sometimes and choose what you like for its lyrical contents carefully so that you don't have to get upset. Have a nice day :)

Blah | Reviewer: nolannn | 1/2/08

Best (metal) song by manson I think..
The song is amazing itself..But when Manson kinda halfasses it live.
When he does it live, all he sais is "shoot, shoot, shoot mother fucker" during the chorus.
But, still the greatest song ever on the best album ever..

One shot and the world gets smaller. | Reviewer: Justin | 12/31/07

One of the best written songs I've heard in awhile. Needs to be on guitar hero. But, yea manson is a good song writer.

holy crap | Reviewer: Tobias | 11/15/07

as a christian myself, I love manson, and metal. I'm a libertarian and believe people can believe and do whatever the hell they want to so long as they don't screw with other people and deny them the same freedom.

on the subject of the song, of all the songs in the world that make you want to jump around and beat your head against a brick wall and scream and mosh till you die, this song is at number 1. fucking best chorus ever written and I love the acoustic part at the end :)

OMG THIS SONG ROX | Reviewer: korreh | 10/12/07

this song is awesome and it is evil but its NOT of the devil cudnt u see the"saw heaven AND HELL were lies" apperantly its not of the devil. and ya may ur rite its a song u cud listen to if ur mad err sumthing and it gives u power and stuff...XD i love it and idc if its about athiesism. well bye.

erm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

Its a great song, and its not nessecairly dark or for satan or anything you fuck twats. Its about having power over your own domain.

Fuck GOD | Reviewer: god fucker | 7/12/07

It's a marvelous song you motherfucking christens. Fuck you and your loser God. FUCK HIM

My goodness response | Reviewer: Trevor | 7/10/07

Actually ur right chris its not a good song, its a GREAT SONG. ur damn right its dark sided and of the devil, whats ur point? i pray for u and the sheltered life that u must live. if ur not a manson fan then y r u looking up these lyrics anyways? jw

My goodness | Reviewer: Christopher | 7/3/07

Well Im not too sure if this is a good song. Actually, its not a good song. The song is dark sided and its of the devil. Theyre are a great number of really heavy christian bands out there that I think you guys would love if youd just give it a chance. Have you guys ever heard of Jars of Clay? I pray for each and everyone of you.

A-Fucking-Mazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/07

Can't Get Enough Of The Song. Definitely One Of My Favourite Marilyn Manson Songs. I Agree With People Above, It Definitely Makes You Just Wanna Lash Out In A Raw And Maybe Even Violent Way. It Fucking Rocks. Definitely A Maximum Volume Song, No Ifs, Ands Or Buts.
This Whole CD Is Brilliant. Definitely Perfect Score On The Awesome Chart.

Utter Manson attitude | Reviewer: Alejandro Lozano | 6/8/07

What a powerful song! Everyone should listen carefully the bass lines combined with drums: they are amazing. Besides his sound makes you want to smash or kick everything around you.

A whole Manson attitude...