Reviews for The Last Day On Earth Lyrics

Performed by Marilyn Manson

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One of a kind | Reviewer: Savannah Kennedy | 5/26/11

I, too, nearly cried the first time hearing this. Marilyn is a beautiful, beautiful man and I'm very grateful to have come across him. I don't know where I'd be without him and his music, it's gotten me through many hard times. You will always have a special place in my heart. -13 year old fangirl

Beautiful Song. | Reviewer: Ellie | 8/2/07

This song is beautiful, it nearly made me cry actually first upon hearing it. But Manson has made some wonderful songs and this has to be one of the them.

to u baby | Reviewer: death kid | 1/8/06

carmen if u ever read this i love u and just plz understand me when i say this song is how i hope we end up one day i want to marry u baby i love and nothing will ever change that and listen to me when i say brian doesn't love u he told me so he only goes out with u because he thinks it will make as good as a dirtbike rider as me but then again u don't noe what love is and i will one day find a way to let u noe i love u now and 4 ever baby i wish u just knew how i feel bout u for just 1 second i love u but that doesn't mean much now u here it everyday from all my ex friends and my ex brother right

don't wait too long cause i drift farther away ever second until i'll be gone nick

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