so grotesque | Reviewer: Marilyn Fan | 5/2/11

I love MM and all their songs. I can't understand why people think his songs are meaningless. Most of those people haven't even listened to a single line of his songs. He is so down to earth and so real, he is my idol.

god is not gone | Reviewer: BushCock | 4/5/11

our god is gone | Reviewer: metti | 5/27/10 <<<

chill out's just a need to be so emotional by f**cking anyone that u face..i wonder how you got fucked life but you didnt look what wrong with love fucked others rather than looking at your life and think how to make it's just a song..just a song..wake up and get your life back and stop fucking around!! you are not dead yet...the journey is not over!!

our god is gone | Reviewer: metti | 5/27/10

i like this song. It's so great.
I love MM he is my number one
those of you who dont like him goto heaven we are all gonna burn
I've got an f and a c and I've got a k too and the only things thats missing is a bitch like you
this was the first thing i heard from him that turned me to love him.
everyone be obscene

Um. =) | Reviewer: Kathleen | 10/25/07

It's my current favourite song, this is. It's possible it's 'cause it's so even, the beat. I don't know how I'd say that so anyone understands it. It's just a fucking awesome song, like most of MMs. XD I love him.

------ About the song The Golden Age Of Grotesque performed by Marilyn | Reviewer: Caz | 8/23/07

It's So my bon mots,Hit-boy Tommy trons,rowdy rowdies Hiney-fingered Goddbye Dolls,
Hellzapopin open your third nostril,put on your black face and your god is gone.


um... | Reviewer: zac | 5/27/07

van goghs missing EAR because he only cut off ONE,
and we drive our death-crush diamond jaguar limousines

.... | Reviewer: hillary | 11/17/05

This is one of the greatest songs I have listened to.
1.) It has a good beat and sound to it.
2.) It has a good meaning to it.

You should try and listen to it.