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Performed by Marilyn Manson

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almost accurate | Reviewer: Saajix | 10/21/13

when he says cut our wrists like cheap coupons and say death is on sale today... I feel it has no relation to government or economics, but its more direct and straight forward, its about the suicide rate in the world. every 30 seconds or less someone right now is going to do it and end it. and then there's the death toll of people dying from murders and other ways, such as drugs driving or natural cause...

Trying to find the meaning | Reviewer: Wouldn't you like to know | 4/11/13

“Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of everyday human events.” Describes the sicken reality society influences on individuals and the way people treat each other. “Isolation is the oxygen mask you’re making children breathe into survive.” In society people isolate others because of their race, social stature, beliefs, etc. and little is done about it. “But I’m not a slave to a god that doesn’t exist.” It is said that God so loved the world he sacrificed is only child for man yet he sits back and does nothing about humans harming each other. Here is a quote from Spider man with great power comes great responsibility so if there is a great and powerful God that created the universe why does God do nothing about the evils man does to each other? “And I’m not a slave to a world that doesn’t give a shit.” The point here is clear people just act like they care when the truly don’t. “And when we were good you just closed your eyes and when we were bad we’ll scar your minds.” Society is blind to good deeds and the bad deeds can be greatly exaggerated. “You’ll never grow up to be a big rock star, celebrated victim of your fame.” These verses are probably aimed at the celebrities who act like they care about their fans but are really in it for the money and fame. Personally I think that a person would need a big ego and/or major insecurities to feel the need to be famous but there are a few celebrities that do what they do because it’s what they love and fame is just a byproduct yet not many last long loving what they do with the pressures of fame. “Just cut our wrist like cheap coupons and say that death was on sale today.” Here could be about celebrities not being able to handle fame or the government’s band aids/programs to help the lower classes instead of addressing the source of the economic problems which is the rich getting paid more than they need and national wealth not being distributed properly. The meaning of the lyrics in bold are a bit difficult to interpret but it was fun giving it a try. Any way this fucking song rocks and so does Marilyn Manson . Fuck anyone who thinks otherwise.

rami | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/11

blaming god for everything? i don't think he blames god at all.. he blames people that use god as an excuse for their own benefit. i'm pretty damn sure mr. manson would fit in society if he wanted to.. maybe he just doesn't because he's tired of all the people who just want something from you, people who aren't true to themselves and just "act". by the way, i fucking love this song.

Don't you people have anything better to do? | Reviewer: C3 | 3/18/11

I'm someone who deeply appreciates Marilyn Manson and his music and let me just say that whether or not he actually writes the songs he sings doesn't matter, for you see, the songs he sings still express his own personal views, and that's what matters. He wouldn't sing them if they didn't. Do you honestly believe that every speech given by a President or Prime Minister is written by them? Certainly not, but they still get the point across. And for those who DO think Marilyn is a sellout, why the hell would you listen to his music in the first place if you honestly thought he was?! That just proves that all you really care about is focusing on the minuscule flaw of one individual and bitching about it to everyone because you have absolutely nothing better to do and in reality you really don't amount to much or as much as you'd like, which is why you feel the need to bash Marilyn and others on the internet by constantly calling eachother fucks and dumbasses, which I myself did not do. I mean let's be honest, regardless of whether or not he rights the songs, Marilyn Manson is still without a doubt more authentic, profound and accomplished than anyone on this lame forum. The only reason I'm on this forum in the first place (so as not to contradict myself) is to attempt to dilute some of the ignorance and idiocy that constantly plagues the internet.

danka shuen | Reviewer: bradon | 1/31/11

thank you very much fore the tabs! it helped me being the lil guitar noob i am XD

and to all the manson haters on this page: what the fuck are you doing here? its pretty sad that your so shalow that you need to start shit on an internet forum. and to all the manson fans:i dont know about you but i think that manson should ditch all these girls that end up hurting him and he should marry twiggy, they are soooo cute togather!!!

who fucking cares? | Reviewer: andrew | 12/19/10

i am fairly good at speaking correctly. but don't bust on people for spelling things incorrectly. this is a Marilyn Manson forum, or what ever it is. most of the people who will bitch about incorrect spellings are 40 year-old virgins, living in their mom's basement. go get a life you worthless piece of shit.

You guys are seriously idiots. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/10

Irrelevant to the song, but fuck! It strikes me as odd that you guys can comprehend song meanings and chide people about them yet you can't even spell the most simple words. Read a dictionary you illiterate fucks. Some spelled the words Christians or especially, or does.

dumbasses | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/10

"there is no god and the main stream do's not care about us. expesialy the goths and the emos and the if there is a god why the fuck do's he not help us. so fuck the god that the cristions pray to."
God's not here to wipe your ass and grant you wishes whenever you want. You can't just blame God for every little thing that's wrong with your life. And I doubt you need "help" with your life. It's not God's fault if people don't like you, its yours. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and blaming God for your crappy life. If you want your life to be different, quit being a whiney little bitch and do something about it.

Fuck all you haters! | Reviewer: christoker | 7/16/10

First of all who gives a fuck about Marilyn Manson (Brian) on a personal level, the song is fucking great! I don't think there was anyone better to sing the part. You guys wanna turn this forum into a fuckin blast on the artist. Whether he wrote the lyrics himself or not, and I don't know if he did or not, its irrelevant the song kicks ass his vocals kicked ass on it and that's all that matters

Fecking Incredible! | Reviewer: Emilie.N | 3/29/10

For all the Manson haters out there who think its unorigional or whatever, my challenge for you, go find me a band older than Marilyn Manson that sound exactaly the same. And for the retard saying crap about England, my grandparents are English so you can shove that were the sun don't shine. Anywhoo, this has gotta be my fave Manson song. It was betweent this and (s)AINT. I think this just narrowly scraped past. : )

Douchebag Alert - Anon | Reviewer: Anonoymous | 1/28/10

"Reviewer: anon

Just so you fucking retards know, Manson does not write ANY songs himself."
Clearly this douchebag has never looked in the booklet to see that oh wait what does that say:
Lyrics By: M. Manson....yeh now whos the Idiot

LOL@YOUIDIOTS | Reviewer: anon | 1/17/10

Just so you fucking retards know, Manson does not write ANY songs himself. I listen to MM because I enjoy the music, and I like his original and unique approach to vocals. However, the lyrics are not written by Brian himself, and he is in essence, the same bitch boy faggot sellout he talks shit on.

Lyrics are so true... | Reviewer: Derek | 12/31/09

A lot of those people that can't get there shit straight are pretty much lost. People say that people who think this way are lost, but i think the exact opposite, the people that think that way are lost. People with high beliefs in America, are usually the really F*ed up ones, and i agree with what some of the dude that says Pfft, and is Anonymous, America is filled with a lot of rude and fucked up people, but what can we all say, this world is filled with the same thing, every where, in many different ways.
But anyways, great song. Love it.. So true, well atleast most of it.

the view from a 12 year old | Reviewer: Claire | 12/20/09

This song is amazing, it's just so true. I've got a friend who's christian, and we frequently debate the whole god subject. If you are a normal person and just look at the bigger picture, you see that christianity is sersiously fucked up. Look at the middle ages, people thought the plauge was caused by god, slavery or what? Look at now, we know thats bull and that it was germs and such. It's common knowledge now. Maybe in a few hundred years it will be common knowledge that god doesn't exist. Well it will be if things continue in this fasion.

Manson speaks great truth in nearly all of his songs. <3 Manson, so genious.

there is no god | Reviewer: Aaron | 11/10/09

i agree with wat manson is sayin. there is no god and the main stream do's not care about us. expesialy the goths and the emos and the punks.
so if there is a god why the fuck do's he not help us. so fuck the god that the cristions pray to.

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