What? | Reviewer: Justin | 11/20/12

Marilyn Manson really has nothing to do with the song in anyway...Quite the damn foolish slam session if you ask me..Manson is an articulate and sensitive artist, that speaks volumes through the irony of tainted youth and biggot politics..If you cannot see that than he was way over your head to begin with. Seriously, the man is a genius...just watch an interview...hell, pick apart his lyrics and read between each statement. I'm not trying to be rude, just do some research before making a crass and broad passing of judgement... more or less, that's the point of his music. Though.. I do think that young and impressionable minds have no business listening to his music, as they will probably not absorb the message he's trying to send out.. and it can definitely do more harm than good in that aspect. Kids are kids because they have a lack of experience, and by that a lack of definition and perspective...as a kid..all I wanted was to feel that l belonged, I'm sure we all did. That's what makes Manson's work potentially dangerous. Not having the depth to dissect the layers he puts on, they get the brunt of what gives him the flash they're drawn to..Yes, he's angry, but they don't know why..

take it from me... | Reviewer: Anabel | 9/12/11

take it from me...suicide would be nothing compared to all the pain in life. its like you go through so much and when you try its like you're leaving everything behind and you feel so free and happy for once cuz you're not in pain anymore. it's your choice to do it or stay. but you really need to think about what you're leaving behind. is it really worth not seeing the ones you love? is it really worth all the pain and guilt they will feel? i mean, i tried it so many times it's not even funny but i managed to survive...15 or 16 times to be exact in less than 2 years. i know how it feels. i know the relief you feel when you don't have to deal with your life. and i know the pain you feel when you fail. it may be painless for you but not for your family and friends and if you fail, it will be even more painful knowing that you couldn't succeed at a something you try so hard for and knowing that you have to go right back to the way things were except for this time there is more to deal with because people stigmatize you for it.

beware my bro&sis....reply | Reviewer: manson lover | 10/20/10

are you fucking kidding me? how old are you 5?
firstly suicide is not a verb to be used in that context.
secondly... NO SHIT SHERLOCK... when you kill yourself you do die thanks for the revelation asshole.
and thirdly what are you ESL, honestly??
anyways i respect your opinion, dont agree with it but to each his own.

i love this song though :) i love the second verse
- we are all going to die someday why not today?

But Dave... | Reviewer: April | 8/27/10

David, how is he wrong, though? Most of these people are too young and too ignorant to do a little something called RESEARCH. If they did, they would immediately know that this is not Manson's song, but a mere cover of a fantastic melody - written by a fourteen year old boy at the time, the director's son - and would cease and desist with these moronic comments about how evil Manson is for "penning" this song.

Mike Altman had more talent in his left pinky than Manson has had in his entire career.

Before you spout off about how Manson wants you to commit suicide, RESEARCH the damn song. The movie is called M*A*S*H. Watch and be in the know.

jenas opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/10

honestly I think he doesn't mean that killing itself doesn't hurt it means that you have endured so much pain that when you can't take it anymore its the only thing you can do. When you kill yourself it doesn't hurt emotionally cause you feel relief and that doesn't hurt as much as everything else. Its like you feel free and I know cuz I've tried to kill myself and I oded and it just felt like all the pain was over. Luckily I called the suicide hotline cuz I just wasn't ready to leave yet. The song does not promote suicide. Its just saying that killing yourself is nothing compared to what you have been through its an escape. And the last line of the song is pretty much saying to each his own. Its your life and your decision. Just think about who your leaving before you decide. Cuz alot of people care about you.

MASH * MASH * MASH | Reviewer: David | 11/16/09

Well as much of an ignorant bigot as he apparently is, the "Young people R stoopid" review is correct, even if worded from the point of a moron. The original is the theme from MASH the movie, the instrumental version being used for the television series. Manson's version is alright, I prefer his original works but that's just an opinion. Well, hopefully I've educated some of you. Good day.

get real | Reviewer: anti-man | 7/24/09

mans son is a hybrid copycat. he is also a brave and stupid guy.. i have met him and he is ragingly stupid as far as common sense. a typical south florida big mouth that does not believe someone will beat his butt when he runs his mouth when it is obvious he will get a beat down.. FYI twiggy hates him.. LOL twiggy is cool.. LOL.. mans son is not an artist he is a well managed and molded twat..

Beware my bro&Sis!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/09

Marilyn Manson is persuading people to suicide and that it is painless and brings many changes. Only those who are immature follow him. If he encourage suicide, why doesn't he suicide himself??? Point to ponder!!!!

When you suicide, it's your LIFE that's being waste, not his!!!!

Hope you are sensible enough to realize.

Wooh! im gonna cover this song! | Reviewer: Death Cotter | 3/12/08

i love this song, but i would hav to agree that i would hav enjoyed it more if manson had of sang it aloud and put in a few screams here and there, but then again if everything of manson was the same, then he wouldnt be so unique.

but im gonna cover this song in a music competition except im doin an accoustic version and loud vocals.

this songs right | Reviewer: dall | 11/29/07

this song is the best song and it true what its saying it brings on alot of changes and the way he sings it like brings the song to life

NO U. | Reviewer: RUKI | 8/21/07

Responsible adult, STFU and do a barrel roll.

Become an hero.

Also, (S)Aint is best song.


Young people R stoopid | Reviewer: Responsible adult | 8/13/07

The song is from the 1970s, it's the theme to MASH (the movie) and it IS about suicide. In the flick, the dentist (nicknamed PAINLESS) becomes impotent, thinks he's becoming a faggot and decides to off himself (not a bad sentiment actually, would solve some flaming fairy problems). This was the song sung at his "going away" party. Oh, and he didn't die, but he did score on an INCREDIBLE nurse.

Now, eat your stewed prunes and off to bed with you. It's well past your bedtimes. The adults want some peace and quiet.

yes... | Reviewer: Meg | 8/4/07

i do like this song... but its too low and slow... not good for moshing! but he is right suicide does bring on many changes... but i love his voice in the last part the very last part!

??Complains?? | Reviewer: Brenda | 8/2/07

why is the person above questioning the song ?? first of all this song is a COVER UP that manson choose meaning he did not write the lyrics and its a song a form of expression its not saying its painless kill ur self !! really its a damn expression art turned into music for people like me to enjoy (not suicidal) but then again who said you cant be alive but yet dead ? ... this is a good cover up by manson .. and i appreciate it !!!!

more to life than existance | Reviewer: nic | 7/29/07

if suicide is so painless why do we have to be brought to such a desolate existance, ever so removed from life that we cant endure anymore?