manson | Reviewer: Immortal | 4/12/13

I used to hate manson. Well not hate, just didin't see the point in his music and him as a singer. But then one day i heard Tainted Love and Coma White, and i was drawn into him. But i don't even like this kind of music but his voice is perfect for me. Love his love "balads" an killing textes. sorry for bad english.

mm | Reviewer: fanfromgreece | 5/18/10

I used to hate Marilyn Manson but then I learnt more things about him. So I became a fan of him.
Some people who don't listen to kinds of music like Marilyn's can't listen his songs. Ok I'm sorry I can't tell a lot of things because my english are not good -.-
Please, learn more things about him and you'll see that he's just God. BUT DON'T LEARN the WRONG things about him..just the TRUTH.
MM (L)

Choose Now: LIfe or Death! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

You know life is about getting over your pain and continue...

Marilyn manson sells pain and drugs... to Boys and sex to girls!!!

This is mental war Assholes!!!
Fuck Marilyn manson!! but if i could meet him... i would be a friend with him probably... he has the same sick mind as me!!!

So get the fuck out of our way before you get killed mentally or physically!

Great song | Reviewer: Bart | 11/7/09

Manson makes killer music and is one of the few people who seems to know what's going on :-) And this comes from a totally sane officer of the law, so there's no truth in saying Manson fans are mental ;-)

UYFANYM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/08

was just wondering... hey dude if you read this maybe you should do some research on marilyn manson since you think his fans are so mentally ill because for someone that supposedly hates MM so much you apparantly don't know jack shit about him.

amazing | Reviewer: anakalia | 3/17/08

this song is utterly amazing. seriously, it is one of my favorites by marilyn manson. it has so many meanings, and theyre all open for each individuals interpretation. if you dont like it, thats your valid opinion [[that i absolutely do NOT agree with, but whatever]]. listen to this whole album, and theres a collective meaning there. go for it =]

Spades | Reviewer: jay | 2/14/08

a spade is a heart with a handle, black the color of death, a spade is a heart with a knife in it, if you play cards you should know this, manson knows this and he is a great performer, his lyrics you drained my heart and made it a spade kinda means you stabbing my heart and now it is a spade, hince a heart with a knife in it and black for death gees people its simple, and MM is a great performer i dont believe in dark shit i dont have problems i just like his lyrics cause he makes you think!

Spade | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/08

a spade is a heart that is black, the color of death, the spade is a heart with a since of a Knife in it, hint the song kinda mean you drained my heart and made a spade, kinda like you stabbed my heart and made it a spade, cards or no cards a spade is a heart with a knife in it

I am so tired of idiots. | Reviewer: Dante | 9/21/07

I enjoy this song. One of my favorites of Marilyn Manson.

@Bormann: I doubt he will ever be on here again, but if you do happen to glance at this page again, wow, YOU are an idiot. Why, if you hate MM, would you be on pages with his lyrics? Moreso, if you hate him, why can't you just be mature and accept the fact that you hate things others like, and others hate things that you like. Get over it. I have never been to rehab and I have no mental defects. I have never been in any real trouble with the law, yet I enjoy MM. Open your eyes.

@The Person That Posted After Bormann
You too are an idiot. You need to grow up and realize that nobody "hurts" your except yourself. Other people's words do only as you let them.

Thanks for the lyrics!

Stupid | Reviewer: Bormann | 9/4/07

This song is idiotic. it makes no sense, even if u do play cards. the only people who listen to this sh*t are in rehab or have mental defects

........... | Reviewer: A!€X :oX.... | 8/22/07

OMG ....i LOVE Mariyln he is so sexy and just like the hottest guy on earth i swear !!!!!this is such an awsome song it realy makes me think bout how many times ive bin hurt in my life and how badly i was hurt by people mentaly,emotionaly and physicaly.....

Spade | Reviewer: Jared | 7/4/07

If you have ever played cards, you would know that a spade is the opposite of a heart (upside down and black). So it means that you took my love and left me with nothing.

what does this song mean | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

what does this song mean like draining a heart to a spade wtf does that mean?

♠ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07


The best song on the album imo.

Great Song! | Reviewer: K3vin | 4/15/07

♠ is really a Great Song, a little different than the other songs in the same album.. :]