MANSON! | Reviewer: omega | 3/11/10

this song is deff one of the sickest on the c.d,
MA is my favourite manson cd but antichrist superstar is a close second :)
i love the whole omega/ manson flip on the cd.
and the video for this is good. i prefer the dope show video though, ive seen all the videos and my favourite is (s)AINT!

Question? | Reviewer: Mandy (Check out my Grim Advantures!) | 3/16/08

Anyone! I'm looking for some strong anti-Television (or any other kind of massmedia shit) songs, stories, articles and stuff ... I know Mr. Warner here has a bunch of those songs, but I have to 'proove' I'm not a sponge (meaning that I don't take everything MM sayz for granted) Sow, err ... Help? Mail to: Ps: Don't bother to spam me, this is a hotmail account tha I use as 'junk 'n trash' account :)

to the coolioest guy in this problematic little world of ours | Reviewer: Rayray | 6/17/07

This song rocks and I just want to say long live mr manson and I would totally vote for him if he ran for the prez of usa

One Tiny Word | Reviewer: MrFlash66 | 5/10/07

actually folks, i believe that the line at the end of the chorus is "God is in the TV", not "God is the TV"....

WOW!!! | Reviewer: Emily(DeadyDoll) | 10/2/04

I first heard this song on a local radio station for Gothic and Death Rock/Metal and all I could say was WOW!!!This song is greatest hits material...all of his references to protestors are completely right,they need to be more concerned with real issues and less with the things he sings....PRAISES for my savior...MARILYN MANSON LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!