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MARILYN MANSON KICKS ASS!!!! | Reviewer: dont ask me what my name is | 7/5/05

Muahahahahahahahahaha he is so fucking awesome, he IS a damn god. And if you dont think so STFU cause NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!! Lol your not entitled to your own opinion anymore, its so awesome how he can sing about whatever and not care about all the shit people give him....

golden age of grotesque is his best one in me opinion...but they r all good......

Manson fukn rules | Reviewer: Mansons Bitch | 7/4/05

Manson is a fukn god and anyone that thinks otherwise is to ignorant to see his true intellegence!!! all those fuks that say shit about him dont know shit they dont even know him or take the time to listen to his music... or read anything he writes... they dont appreciate real music... well im off

I LOVE MANSON!!!!! always will....

Not my bussiness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/05

Look, im not gonna say anything to contradict Marilyn Manson, for speaking up for what he believes in. thats fine with me. My opinion is that singing about drugs, things that can seriously damaget you heath and the people you love in a possitive light is wrong, but thats just me, so please, no one tell me i am wrong for saying something about what i beleive in. Im just looking for people who agree with me.

best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be!!!!!!!!! ! | Reviewer: borshan | 5/29/05

Marilyn Manson is GOD. he is the greatest role model of our genaration
it doesnt matter what the fuck all those against him say he still is thE greatest KICK ASS ROCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

<333333333 | Reviewer: jaden | 5/5/05

<333333333333 i love manson i want him in my pants.... lol jk... but he does kick major ass

Amazing | Reviewer: ione | 4/17/05

I've been a fan for a long long long long time, back at the beginning with Portrait, and I keep on worshiping his work

Mr.Manson | Reviewer: ----------------69------------------- | 4/13/05

Manson is the absoulotly the best artist in the world...! yhe..!
If he hadent exist it woudent be no sex-drugs-and-rock'n'rolle in the music;) FUCK they that hate him, but that he said with his own word "What good would Marilyn Manson be, if no one hated Marilyn Manson?" yhe, thats right he is a good..!

Marilyn Manson | Reviewer: Future Goddess | 1/13/05

Marilyn Manson is indeed a role model to us all. He is a genius, he can sing, act, paint, and so many other talents that I do not have the time to name.

He isn't afraid of getting in your face and saying what he thinks, and he is encouraging us to be real to ourselfs, and others.

His music, his art, anything that he has touched, in my eyes, is pure gold. I look up to him, because he is his own man.

People can try and try again to stop him, but he'll only come back stronger.

Marilyn Manson, surely, must be a god among men.

The dope show homo! | Reviewer: Amanda | 10/24/04

Marilyn Manson is the most kick ass singer in the world, he sings what he feels and dosen't give a damn if people feel the same way. People talk smack about him but they probably haven't even listened to one of his songs. If u actually listen to the music instead of care what other people think then you would probably love his music. I've been to 2 concerts and they were so cool, he wasn't afraid to do anything. He rox and anyone who says different is wrong.

Dried up, Tied up, who gives a if he's dead to the world | Reviewer: Lorna | 9/25/04

Genius, has always been and always will be.
New album 'Lest We Forget' not needing that title - we fans aren't forgetting, and authority wont forget for a long, long time.

Does anyone know the Willy Wonka lyrics???

All hail Rev. Marilyn Manson.

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