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He speaks the truth. | Reviewer: Meagan | 8/22/09

Lots of people think that what he says is evil and absurd and many other unreasonable things. But I think that everything he says is what he believes in and I live by one thing he said when he was describing his unrleased book Holy Wood
"That becomes the revoloution, to be idealistic enough that you think you can change the world, and what you find si you can't change anything but yourself"
Those words have changed me, I know it sounds stupid but they really did. I've stopped trying to make other things better and focused on myself and its really been the first time I've ever truely been happy.

Before he was Marilyn Manson | Reviewer: Cindy | 7/6/09

When we were about 14 or 15 I went to a christian camp with Brian Warner (aka Manson) he was there with I believe was his cousin and best friend. I remember him saying how much he hated his father for making him go to camp and he did not want to be there at all. I became a friend to him along with my best friend Cyndi and we snuck out to the lake and just talked. I was in hope that he would forgive his dad somehow and get to know Christ the way I did. When I was about 24 I was watching a program on him and could not believe that they said that my sweet (but different) friend was now Marilyn Manson! I went to the computer and started looking for him and there he was, that sweet guy that shared his dreams with me at camp was now a man that wanted to lead our young teens to hell. I know his life was hard and he was very unhappy with himself, and for that reason I have always prayed for him and continue too. If he ever read this the one thing I would want him to know is God still loves him and he wasn't as strange as he thought he was, he was just different like a lot of teens. I think about him a lot and glad I had a chance to know him but to me he will always be Brian Warner and never the man that does not care about teens and their souls.

He's my heroine. | Reviewer: Tine. | 6/18/09

There was a time, i was seriously depressed, and i was looking for some new music and i found him. Now i'm addicted to him and i really love him.I don't give a damn if people hate me for loving him, i'm just addicted! I love his music and his looks! He don't care about the system. I'll meet him in 10 days on Graspop Metal Meeting, and i can't wait!
Addictions for life Marilyn Manson!

i LOVE dis GUY<33 | Reviewer: bri | 6/15/09

i love this guy b/c of his wicked and darkness sum ppl just hate him cuzz he is REALLY different well fuck em (im different too) i love his lyrics and of course his music!!!!!!!!! he is ahhmazzezinnqqqq!!!!!

JW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/09

Well then he's Egnostic, & that is still a very big sin against God & Jesus & the Holy Spirit. What God does to people who are Egnostic, Athiest, or Suicide. He leads them to there death, & shows them what Hell is. Yet he Loves & even these people that reject our Father, & he forgives them, & lets them live again & profess their lives to our Heavenly Father. Amen

Amazing!!! | Reviewer: Samantha | 4/30/09

Marilyn Manson is AMAZING!!! I love his lyrics. I am 17 and I started listening to him when I was 11, at first I thought it was a little out there but when you actually look at the lyrics they are wonderful. Some people hate him for what he looks like and what he does, but I think that it's really cool that he can actually be himself and not care what others think about him.

questions | Reviewer: briajuice | 4/21/09

personally, this is my first time taking any interest into him
and not the type of interest as to i will support or listen to him,
but i just wanted to know what he was about.
If he was really what people made him out to be and if he really thinks of hisself as the devil.
I cant make my judgement about anyone until i know something about them

Simply Fantastic | Reviewer: Lydia. | 4/7/09

Marilyn Manson is an amazing musician and a truly beautiful person. I'm only 14 but I love him. I think his music has changed my out look on life. I hate it when people think he is awful just because he wears make up and costumes; I personally think it makes him even better and it's amazing that he actually has a personality and a mind unlike popular 'artists' that most teens listen to. I've read his book and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is very talented and creative and i idolize him for it. I hope he continues his musical career for a long time.

Marilyn Manson is an individual. | Reviewer: Larissa | 3/3/09

I think it's quite pathetic that people judge a person on their lyrics and their persona.

I used to disilke Marilyn Manson, but I guess it was only because my sister liked him, but when I listened to 'The Beautiful People' I realised it was exactly the kind of singer I was looking for in terms of lyrics and vocals.

I think people are to quick to judge when it comes to people doing something provocative or different. But he has his opinions, and he sticks to them, and he does it with class to.

My friend once called him a 'manlady' because she saw his Mechanical Animals cd cover, and she was like 'He is scary, he is a manlady and he cant sing' and it just pisses me off when people judge him because of his appearance.

And as for ripping up the book on stage, I have ripped up a bible before, it isnt that big a deal lol.

I tink he is great | Reviewer: sara | 2/13/09

I love Marilyn Manson, and people say he is a bad guy and his music is bad but i disagree. Because there is a reason he writes music, and there is a reason for the kind of musice he sings. and people don't know there facts and just jump to say he is a bad guy....
but we all know that he is not.....

Realism in a Dope Hat | Reviewer: FROSTI | 12/4/08

Marilyn Manson is an idol... And to clear everything up; he is NOT a satanist because he believes neither in God or Satan, tattoos are a form of art, he has done drugs, he promotes free speech, and he is dating a 19 yr. old.
(Read his FUCKING autobiography if you don't believe me)

Alyssa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/08

I think Marilyn Manson has awesome music, that people can be meaningful to listen to when they're pissed off. Maybe he doesn't believe in God.. it's his opinon it has as much of value as yours. If you don't believe in the message he's putting out there than the answer is simple; don't listen to it. I think that he doesn't care what other's opinons of him are and because of that people misunderstand him. All I know about him is what I read and I know that journalists can blow the truth out of proportion so I don't know what kind of character he has. Based on hearing about his past, I think he just never got therapeutic help for the trauma that he experienced. He has reasons to be angry and rebel against society, he was exposed to a terrible part of society. I think it left him confused with his sexuality, anger, and acting on impulses. There are thousands of people in the world that have been in similar situations, it just so happened that he got famous.

Seriously, thy needeth a chill pill. | Reviewer: Fucking freak. | 10/24/08

If thy do hate or do adore Marilyn Manson, do not be discouraged by what I speak, for you should only adore or despise what thy adore or despise.
In my very own opinion Marilyn Manson does perform his music well and is very awesome, although he may be a freak in thy eyes, and a God to others; it is only thy opinion, so thy should show respect to others "haters keep haten on marlyin manson,bcuz ur fucking hatered" although this is true to some, was it necessary for thy to pop a blood vessel, seriously?
Anyhow, keep on rocking!

luv this guy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/08

manson is the best, people hate him cuz he is different but that is what makes him..well him. i love that he epresses himself they way he does. i love that he dosen't give a sit what people thinks and he not afriad to do something crazy..i mean what would the world be if we didn't have him. manson is not only famous he is like a god for me and my friends, and we love him b/c of how strange he is and his actions

I LOVEMM | Reviewer: barbara | 8/8/08

FYI marily isnt a devil worshiper..if u were a real fan and listend to his song slutgarden he says he doesnt believe in the devil..get a clue and btw all his scary shit and devil shit is jus an act..he is an attention whore..he likes to shock you thats all..he isnt normal bt he sure is ssexyyy and i want to marry him!

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