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marilyn manson | Reviewer: sarah | 4/20/07

you can love him or you can hate him but if you hate him then your dumb.....i love all his music....he is the best rockin roll singer out there....i would pick him over slipknot and all the other stuff i listen to....and the cool thing is is he is goth like me

God Is In The TV | Reviewer: Cody | 4/20/07

Marilyn Manson is the shit! His music, his lyrics, he doesn't give a shit what people think. He does what he wants to do without the concent of everyone else. He's an idol to the music world. People look down on him for his lyrics and his clothing. People should look up to him because they can't be as good as he is! I LOVE YOU MARILYN!

marilyn manson is awsome!! | Reviewer: kayla | 4/19/07

i love marilyn manson hes my idol i wish i could actly met him in real life that would be a dream come true!!!

Art Work | Reviewer: Amanda Garcia | 4/19/07

Where can I find art work that Marilyn Manson has composed?

Marilyn Manson da best, buah!! | Reviewer: Andres | 3/13/07

I used to listen to his music but then after realizing that I liked most Britney Spears started to enjoy more other than HIS music his actings on scene...I love that video where he put a finger inside his ass. rock!

he rocks | Reviewer: xXxdestroymyheartxXx | 3/9/07

ok marilyn manson has been in my family for a while well not a long time btu my mom used to listen to him and i used to kinda listen to him but then i meet my boyfriend Zak warren and well he got me back into listening to him and ya my BOYFRIEND LOVES him manson is is idole in life and ya so far my boyfriend is starting to look like him and ya he loves ur songs and so do i and if it wasnt for u my boyfriend problly wouldnt be here now cause ur songs have imspired him to make ppls like a living hell cause his life used ot eb a livign hell till me and him meet and his friend chase got him into ur music cause he used ot eb a prep{ewwwwwwwwno not a prep} but ya KEEP IT UP DONT LISTEN TO WAT PPL SAYS CAUSE IF IT WASNT FO RU THEN MY BOYFRIEND WOULDNT BE HERE AND OUR WORLD WOULDTN BE HAPPY
thanks a lot

brainwasher | Reviewer: !@#E$%^ | 2/17/07

its amazing how his lyrics just brainwash the minds of can a guy so horrendous and creepy be like a "god" to you are all going to hell..and lets see who has the last laugh...i love rock thats all what im about but this guy just should die...he is just a waste of a human...he is just taking space in the world that could be used way better....he is a waste of space what a shame

Manson is pure genius! | Reviewer: Felix | 11/5/06

I'm 53 and I've seen them all. Ok,..some of them, the Alice Coopers, the Cradle Of Filth (ha ha ha aaaaaa chooo) and they're just attempting to "boo" be scary or some other shit I dunno? Whatever they're trying to do, it's not working and it's not real.
Marilyn Manson is true honest and pure. He does not lie. His music kicks arse!!! Soooo tight!! He speaks the truth. He tells us how fucked we are, brings up our fear and barfs it all over us.
One of the true artists of our time.

MARILYN MANSON is MY GOD | Reviewer: jasmine | 6/12/06

Really.... No one can ever be as good as manson, he is the shit.
HIS MUSIC IS AWESOME and i think u know the rest and get the point....
Yes he songs about sex/drugs whatever......
Life is life
we all make our own discisions
but if u have half a brain
Realise manson is genis

THE NEW GOD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/06

Duuuuuuuude Marilyn Manson is fucking awesome. I've recently gotten into his music and I love it. Many people that I know say that they hate him and THEY SUCK. HA.

Marilyn Manson Kicks Ass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/06

I love Marilyn Manson! I would have to say its hard growing up in a family that hates him so much but i don't.Marilyn Manson leads the way to my life. I would go crazy if something happened to him! COME PEOPLE LETS KEEP DOING WHAT WE DO BEST SPEADING THE MUSIC AND BELIFES OF HIM!

Wow. | Reviewer: Bridget. | 2/18/06

Brian Warner is a genius. His lyrics are.. Amazing. The band, Marliyn Manson as a whole, is mind blowing. I can never get enough of this music, I could listen to for hours and hours on end. I'm seriously awed by his creativity.

MANSON by corey | Reviewer: corey dupre | 12/20/05

hello, im corey dupre from louisiana.I think manson should keep where he's going. Im not goth im but i like his music. Most people that are my reilion hate manson but i dont. im not gonna say hes God because i dont like him like that. but keep it up maryilyn and dont listen to what people think.(my favorite song is mobscene)

Marilyn Manson IS God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: tyler | 11/13/05

I recently got into Manson, but he is one of my all time favorite bands along with SlipKnoT and Static-X. He sings the truth, not some bullshit like most bands. Hes a fuckin' rebel in a land of God. Manson is my Fucking hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Antichrist superstar is his best album!!!!

OMFUKNGOD | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/19/05

This guy is class.I can't believe it.His music rules,what can I say.I think he is awsome.He is so good looking and a goth like me wich is cool.I like people who r like me.Especially when they r famous,I LOVE THIS GUY.

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