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Performed by Marilyn Manson

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Heart Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand) | Reviewer: Megan Anne | 5/23/09

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite songs. Marilyn Manson can most certainly sing well! Maybe it is just me, but I can hear so much symbolism behind the words of this and many other MM songs. The way he pieces together words is so amazing. He can put them together in such a way that it is lengthy but not repetitive. For all of those who have seen the music video to this song, (and those who haven’t desperately need to) do you not agree that raining blood is excruciatingly romantic? ♪♫Marilyn Manson♫♪

I second Isaac... | Reviewer: Christian | 2/5/09

I also feel that Manson is the probably the most realisticly intelligent people to ever live. I would be scared to disagree with him, because with his words he would pull me over to his opinion-side in an instant. He just seems to know how people work, Y'know?

manson | Reviewer: isaac | 11/21/08

For all you people that just post these stupid comments about how good he sounds, just stop wasting your time writing them, what matters here is his point of view on life and how manages to input real life situations into his music.
Manson has created some of the most outstanding songs that have really changed many peoples lives.
I for one believe that manson is one of the most smartest, talented and well spoken persons I have ever heard of or met.

Electronic orgasms dont come any better! | Reviewer: Strictmachine | 8/20/07

Marilyn Manson has proved, yet again, that he is the king of transformation when it comes to cutting edge rock. Mixing in electronic body music in the INHUMAN remix makes Heart Shaped Glasses an instant classic, and one of the songs I will take to the in darkness indeed!

OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM | Reviewer: LovesMM | 8/2/07

ok listen to his freaking voice omg omg omg its perfect...hott and so freaking freaking right for everything....who cares what he looks like i love him!

Heart Shaped Glasses | Reviewer: Matt | 6/26/07

this song rocks i think he is the best rocker known to man and they way he makes this song sound so good is perfect and his voice just great

Heart shaped glasses | Reviewer: angela | 6/8/07

this song is really good people assume that mm cant sing but god damn it he can

yayy . | Reviewer: Stephanie | 6/5/07

this song is really good,
im glad marilyn manson is still going strong <3

manson for life | Reviewer: chelsea | 6/4/07

marilyn manson can do anything and this song proves it. he is the smartest person you will ever know. just because he looks different than you, doesnt mean he's that far off the block of normality just like you.

awesome | Reviewer: rana | 4/30/07

i love this song by marilyn manson besides (m)obscene this is my favorite manson song ever

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