your all fucking idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/12

This is skold. Manson has nothing to do with this song, manson never sang it and manson never claimed it was his own. the only thing manson has to do with this song is the retard who labeled this

ok this will clear it up | Reviewer: oliver | 1/16/10

this not manson this is tim skold, mansons bass player for eat me drink me this is from skold album called dead god the demeos for this where stolen from his tour bus and thus entered the internet / p2p sharing systems there are currently NO known times when manson has sing this i may be wrong on that

not manson | Reviewer: glasshouse0 | 10/17/09

just looked up the song to listen.i am big fan of manson and had never heard the song. this is not manson, at least not any version i heard. it has a manson feel, but not him. nell, this does not sound like manson. ever you ever listen to him. the guy i heard singing was english.

Lets clear this up | Reviewer: Nell | 6/26/08

So this is Skold, right? He wrote it, right? And Marilyn Manson… copied it/ sings it? Because it sound like Manson, really sounds a lot like Manson, but you say t5his is Skold. Well I for one am confused.