amazing | Reviewer: William | 6/6/12

The great thing about Manson is that not only do his songs rock but they also have deep meaning. This is so inspirational as it is a completely against the shallow vapid music industry that mass produces absolute rubbush music. Manson represents
morals and ideals against a industry

that is only caring about money. Marilyn Manson got to the top because he is a leader and role model for morals and beliefs. Rubbish like bieber got there because he was a good raw
material for producing money.
Through this he has been able to
inspire a generation for independent
thought. He continues to defy common hypocritical thoughts in society for what they are. A true model. Long live the antichrist superstar.

Amazing | Reviewer: TinaLovelace | 4/7/12

Antichrist Superstar.. Definatly the best album Manson has ever came up with. Great concept album of all times and definatly one of the best songs ever written by him. Cant wait for his new album to come out.

no shit. | Reviewer: SETH | 12/10/09

I love all of his work, he is a great singer writer artist. Also to the ignorant preppy fuck. He is Marilyn Manson, of course he looks different. Not everyone can be a dumb airhead walking in and out of American Eagle.

Awesome.. | Reviewer: The Angel | 1/14/09

This song is my favourite song by Marilyn Manson..I don't really like his songs, and he looks a litle weird..and i mean no offence to him he has some really great songs out there, and this is 1 of ma favourites. keep on going man!

Whoo | Reviewer: _Anakin_ | 5/22/06

GREAT!!! U gotta hear it.. Its like Get This - SlipKnot... No need to comment just listen the song!