1960's Marianne | Reviewer: Brenda | 12/30/12

I worked for Marinne for abour 4 years from As Tears Go By and her marriage and divorce to John and her life with Mick. My mum was her housekeeper for many years and went to Micks house in Cheyne Walk when she moved there. I am in touch with her still and she is doing wonderful. Numerous tours and she lives in Paris.

Hello... | Reviewer: jrfritz1@bigpond.com | 2/24/11

Hi there Marianne Faithfull we meet in the 1970's when you were going to marry , Oliver Musker we were at a party in Norfolk , you were meeting the Musker family, I was married to Oliver Musker's sister . anyway to cut a long story short, always been a fan , would love an invite to your concert next time that you are in Sydney. Regard Jim McIntyre....