without you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/11

Myself don't wanna cry cuz' myself let motion. Myself began to saw Mariah Carey.
Myself don't wanna cry cuz' one sweet day. Myself could be golden sweet day and crispy golden wheat puffs.
Myself sorry for stated
Valerie Cannon

A fun fact about this song. | Reviewer: Brittany | 1/9/11

This really is a great song, and Mariah sings it well. However, she didn't actually write it. The original lyrics were written by Pete Ham/Tom Evans and was also performed by Harry Nilsson. Yes, she took the song and did wonders with it by making it her own. And no, I'm not trying to hate on or judge, I just thought I'd let you all know. So, with that being said, Good job Mariah Carey we love this song and how you perform it!

i can't without u..=( | Reviewer: cat01 | 4/25/09

i love this song... and hate it because I don't think its a good idea for me to listen to this song and cry inside for my lost love... and i dont know if he'll return but damn i still hoping...=( I love u so much please come back...

So Sad... | Reviewer: Tempest | 9/10/08

This is an awefully beautiful song. I just heard it on FM, and couldn't help but search for its lyrics.. Read it, found it touching. I just love it, but I don't think its a good idea to listen to this wonderful song and cry inside for lost love. Still, its awefully beautiful.

"If a certain Somebody who calls herself Ayashan gets to read this, I really think she should think about Xero.. Girl, I really think you two should be together, regardless of what happened in the past.. He doesn't agree with me, but after all these years with him, I know him like my own shadow. He lives by will, he's already dead inside. You can revive him.. Please..."

super song!!! | Reviewer: brILiAnCy | 3/1/08

this is such a good song,mariah has wonderful songs and she really can sing very good! I'm from Bulgaria and we now have "Music idol 2". One of the singers in furst round singed this song. She was from a village and the text had nothing to do with the original! The adjudicators asked on what language is she singing! Actually I though that she was singing...I don't know on what language!! Do you know what she was singing? The words I can't forget are: I can't live Li-bu-live without you.. That was SO funny!!! The other words were terrible too but this is just unbeliefble!! :)

Song of my Life | Reviewer: Autumn Starr | 12/25/07

This song perfectly sums up just how i feel for my best friend at the moment... we did go out but then it ended... and even after four months i still love this person so very much... but now best friend is with someone else. I still love you, hun...

This song is just so beautiful and touches your soul. A breathtaking song.

Nilsson | Reviewer: Tanguy | 11/27/07

I think it's sad that people tend to forget that Harry Nilsson recorded this song a long time before Maria Carey did and that no one has ever made a better version than he did.

hii | Reviewer: fortesa | 11/13/07

you are very beautiful maria carey you have a very good song and you sing very good

lovely song | Reviewer: huong | 10/6/07

i like this song so much.. it make me remember my friend. and i think when i sing this song- i sing by my heart.. lov it

Dawn P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/07

I love to sing along with this song....it really helps when you have the lyrics right in front of you!!