not tru | Reviewer: KB | 9/29/10

UH not tru MAriah is one of best not the best aight. Aretha Franklin is better than her n she from detroit when the best r&b singers come from wit that motown sound. The best singers come from and detroit trust me.

what can i say .... | Reviewer: mandy lugo | 5/31/10

when you get a mariah carey cd you always get the best you get your r& b and soul hop pop the best love songs ever and she's from new york honey so you no we are the best when it come to music love you mc

whenever you call | Reviewer: joven | 2/20/10

one of the most amazing and beautiful song of all time,,expressing how humble the true love is patient, and can wait until dont expect anything in always finds away...and never hurt someone he love...Mariah & briant

love Mariah Carey | Reviewer: dung | 12/10/09

i'm Vietnammese fan or Mariah , she always sings by all her heart.her songs , i like best are Hero, Without you, i wnant to know what love is, my all,i'll be there, we belong together, i stay in love, bye bye, when you believe, vision of love, emotions, love takes time,dream lover, whenever you call, endless love, reflections, never too far,i still belive.... i will always love her voice although what happened with her

whenever you call | Reviewer: rose | 3/11/09

this song is very lovely....
i listen this song almost everyday...
and all i can say is "And I will breathe for you each day Comfort you through all the pain Gently kiss your fears away You can turn to me and cry
Always understand that I give you all i have inside"
tnx mariah for a lovely and ispirational songs that you've sung!!

sexy | Reviewer: jumoke olawunmi | 2/26/09

am a fan of Mariah Careh,i really love her and her songs so much that i had to tatoo my back with butterflies cos she loves butterflies.i wish i could just spend just a week with her.she is my role model.she is always looking young and beautiful.keep it up Mariah

. | Reviewer: Hana | 12/30/07

The lyrics are great, heads up for that; but all you people complimenting Mariah, you do realise she doesn't read this don't you? I agree that she's great, and i love her music and her gorgeous voice. But she doesn't read this so, get a hold of yourselves !!

peace [=

mariah carey.u know ..u're so amazing more than anyone | Reviewer: nadya | 11/21/07

u know every sound that u'd sing i feel so better n exciting..u're so nice.u're so amazing ..n i really want u to come to indonesia.indonesia is my country.and iam a fan of you .i really want u to show in my you more than anything..

the best | Reviewer: Roger | 11/8/07

Hi I'm a great fan of Mariah & I really love this song very much. For me its the best I ever heard. Truely I appreciate and I can listen to this title thousand of times a day. Mariah keep on with good music.

better than regine | Reviewer: paige | 11/4/07

no, mariah deffnitely did a wayyyy better job then Regine Velasquez. i dont even think regine did that well. so SUCK IT. :)