tori | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

ummmm no Mariah Carey sang this song WAYYYYY BETTER THAN SHE WILL EVER SING ANY SONG...REGINE is ok...even with the help of Brian Mcknight she didnt HIT IT like MC did. thats FOR SURE. and i aint even a big Mariah fan..i just KNOW talent when i see and hear it.

Better than Mariah | Reviewer: Natalie | 6/21/07

There is sum1 who can sing it as good as or maybe better than Mariah Carey live and that is Regine Velasquez, find out on youtube!!

Stunning | Reviewer: melanie | 6/15/07

Just wanted to say there will never be somebody who can sing like Mariah can !

wowow | Reviewer: dolly | 5/30/07 r a wonderful singer...i know u might be thinkin "yea this is wat ppl say"...God's given u gr8est talent ever..use it well.....n Praise God your good for only tis kinda music.....this is ur kinda music....God bless you!!! love you

Whenever you call | Reviewer: Melva | 10/9/04

I'm looking for songs for my wedding...I love Mariah Carey.