Thankful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/08

I associate this song with the winning of Obama, it's an inspirational winning for me and this song tells you that when you believe something it can happen if you work hard, persevere and most of all believe in yourself!

so specail | Reviewer: stacey | 10/11/08

this song really touched me because after i gave birth to my beautful child amy she died.
and since from that day i did not eat or do anything id be sitting downstirs all alone crying i wouldnt want anyone.
i didnt belive anything i thought it was all a lie i just wished i had her bak but after i had listeting to this song it really touched me and tought me tht i can move on and yes do belive in miracles because u neva no it can cum true like mine 1 year later i gave birth to baby twins and were all a family me and david and sara and alex thank you very much i really dont know wat to say but thank you to mariah carey from this day she has become my best ever known singer and i love her and i thank her for her song and i hope you have felt wat i have just gone through. my daugther amy is always in my heart.

A lovely song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/08

This song touched me deep down inside, If you look through the lyrics carefully and see what It really means and what it has to say, its really sweet, lovely and Meaningful!

Thankyou writer of this song.

...HEAVENLY INSPIRED! | Reviewer: CeeJay | 9/20/08

when i came out of jail..dis song touched me..with my main objective in this give hope to men... this song have really touched lives beyound explanation...Mariah Carey may not have known souls she had saved indirectly by this song... She and all her entire generation will always be mote it be!!!

BELIEVE IT! | Reviewer: ++++%%%%___ | 8/19/08

this song was really meaningful to me (i think not only me but also others).
Whenever i hear this song, it's like there's a spirit that is coming into my heart, my soul..ensure me,myself that MIRACLES will be present if WE believe! GOD isn't sleeping and will never ever sleep..HE's watching and looking at us as well as PROTECTING us from somewhere...BELIEVE IT!

the song gives me hope... | Reviewer: the danish girl nadja | 8/5/08

this song means a lot too me, 'cause when I'm down, and crushed with tears, I hear this song, and it's giving me hope, and I know I can make through the pain.. this song gives so many people hope about a long waited miracle.... Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston works so good together, and they showed the world one of the most amazing song in the world.....

Heart Operation | Reviewer: jewles | 7/30/08

My husband is about to under go open heart surgery it is a very high risk operation and his chances of survival are 1-5 so when i hear this song i believe that Miracales will and can still happen.

The Words of this song are so strong that they can be linked to any situation and gives help and support through troubled and happy times

What this song represents for me | Reviewer: Heather | 7/19/08

I always believed that i was worth nothing and that my life was a failure and that nothing would ever go right in my life... But then i met someone that was going through the same thing and she helped me through it and made me see how amazing i am and how much my life truely is worth... Everything really is possible. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Support helps as well... So i dedicate this song to Christy. Thanks gurl. I love ya sis.

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/08

This song; It's amazing. People always told me that I couldn't sing, now I med' a boy, he told me that I could. And I sang this song to him. Everythink is possible, if you just believe. And I believe in miracles and love. PEACE OUT ! <3

nothing impossible | Reviewer: lasni | 7/1/08

when I hear this song , I raise up from my failure . eventhought my people never give me a support to real my dream . I believe , it's not stop sign dreaming . when I believe , miracles will coming to me . thanks Mariah Carey..

well known | Reviewer: angkasa Nusantara | 5/23/08

I'm Indonesian.Thiz song iz well-known here.Eventhough English is our third langguage (after local tongue n Bahasa),many people understand what's the message in thiz song.
thiz song make me realize that there is still some hope.truzting God make me do anything imposible.
(sorry,i'm juzt begginer)

believe the unbelievable | Reviewer: MIMI | 5/19/08

...i stoped believing in my self until i listened to this song..mariah carey,u've always been my mentor and i want you to know that you are the best and no one can replace you...u made me believed in me and now i believe the unbelievable...u are appreciated

BELIEVE THE UNBELIEVABLE | Reviewer: mimi | 5/19/08

...I stoped believing in my self until i listened to this song..mariah carey has always been my mentor and i want u fans outta there to know that she is the best and no one can replace her...this song is for i believe the unbelievable

Awesome | Reviewer: Gio | 4/16/08

I first heard this song in the Disney movie, The Prince of Egypt. Ever since then I have loved it. It is such an amazing song and its words are so true. It is amazing what things can be accomplished when you have faith and you truly believe. I have had many situations where things weren't going well and I didn't have my faith then. I look back now and see how those situations might have been changed if I had only believed. Now I do and it's beautiful to see God working in my life. I am truly thankful. God Bless all!

i believe in myself in mircle | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 4/8/08

i belive in mircles because there's only one father who could make mircles happend and that father is "God" he's my only father i ould trust this song is true.If you have something that you beleive in "God" is the answer to everything trust i past the CAHSEE and im finally graduating.Thank you God for making my dreams coming true.My parents are really proud of me and i love them so much.Hope that we are never fallen apart thank you god for giving me a perfect life.