A wonderful song like this one... | Reviewer: vincent | 4/19/13

A wonderful song like this one can never die... It spoke courage n strength 2 my heart... It is a very nice piece... I av always known this woman 4 singing enlightening songs such as this one... It's a very nice piece.

miracles | Reviewer: Rene | 4/15/13

We moved mountains literally before we knew we could..... this song reaffirms faith and what faith can do in any situation.....With God the impossible becomes possible !!!!!!!!!!

great song, truly inspiring | Reviewer: sara | 2/17/13

ove this song! It is timeless.indeed there r times when u pray and it seems ur prayers r not been answered but if we hold on to d promises from God and believe and hope,ur answers r sure to come. The bible says he who hopes in d lord will renew their strenght, he will soar on wings like eagles, he will run and not be weary, he will walk and not be faint.

Oh.... Jimmyyyy | Reviewer: Jack | 11/25/12

This song has really touched, as did jimmy saville- This helped get over what happened between us too in the late 80's. He really was very agressive in ze bedroom, he fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfolded.

WOW!!!!!!! | Reviewer: mmm | 11/1/12

God is truly great to have put this song in my heart in times of doubt, it also reminds me that one day he will return!!!!
it is not too late
It soooooo changed my life When i did (:

Many nights we've prayed.... With no proof anyone could hear | Reviewer: Florence | 9/10/12

Seriously, this song is a motivation to many of us. You can pray and pray and find that even the walls of your room don't seem to hear you cry, and that there is no hope at all that someone is gonna answer your prayers. But when you believe, you have hope, the anchor of faith. You overcome your fears and get the guts to carry on. Before you know it, miracles happen....Thanks Mariah!!

I wanna sing with Mariah!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Nthabiseng Tsoele | 7/16/12

I am a girl from south Africa and i have won many competitions singing this ladys song "Hero". It is so inspirational and one day i want to sing it with you on stage! Hala at me when you are this side if you see this.

awesome,uplifting | Reviewer: Mimi | 6/4/12

Its make me strong and help me face my fears when ever i listen to this song and its gives me faith and hope so when ever am weak all i can say is JUST BLIEVE AND YOU CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS......

wonderful.......song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/29/12

This song has really touch a part of my life, it has given me hope that can never be kill. Oh God thanks for sending your angels to sing this song of hope when u believe......i know there is hope in my situation, u will do a new thing Amen. Mariah carey and whiston i love u all soooooo much.

when you believe.....faith can move mountains | Reviewer: annika | 2/12/12

this song has a very good meaning towards it.......singers of all time mariah and late withney have sung this song lovely reminding us or rather telling us that with faith anything can happen.and that we need to believe in ourselves inorder to receive our micarcle.this song strengthens me in my week time and my sad times and times when i feel like giving up........this is the best song ever!!

Hope is frail but had to kill | Reviewer: elizabeth | 2/11/12

Each time listen to this piece by Mariah Carey, it makes me not to throw in the towel in times of fear and hard times. the word keeps ringing in me "though hope is frail, it's hard to kill and i can achieve if only i believe.I luv dis song and i luv mariah carey.

When You Believe | Reviewer: sssss | 1/13/12

..its nice to hear this song when im in failure, i admire this song because, it makes me realized that believing in your self is very important.. as what they says,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


This song is very amazing | Reviewer: Sylda Regita Gautami | 12/25/11

Aww this song take me in which world i dont know at the time i listen it i forgot the world. .
i love this song very much n whitney houston and mariah carrey. .
its really interesting n bring me to the miracles. .JUST BELIEVE !!

I believe | Reviewer: florance | 12/8/11

This song is my favorite of all song since I was lil kid I first heard it when saw the movie Prince of Egypt..this song really touch me now that I am an young adult it really build me up and encourage in many ways..Thank You God.. I believe in your sons Jesus.

When you believe | Reviewer: Naza | 11/11/11

When you believe is a song that u can listen at anytime of ur life both in good and in difficulties,it makes you feel strong and make you whom you want to be.nice lyrics,kudos to my no.1 rnb female singer mimi,i love you sooo much. I love this song,it makes me cry when ever i listen to it,mariah you are so amazing,i love u so much,your songs drives me crazy