very nice song! | Reviewer: liezel | 6/30/11

..its nice to hear this song when im in failure, i admire this song because, it makes me realized that believing in your self is very important.. as what they says,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

When you believe, nothing is impossible | Reviewer: JenyferHuynh | 6/22/11

Hello everybody.I love this song and Mariah Carey. When i listen to it, i have much vigour.Several times, i feel disability and i want to kill oneself, but when you believe,you can overcome everything. That gets out of this song. I hope every body will have the better life.

thanks to this. | Reviewer: dhona | 5/12/11

yes., definitely it's one of the most uplifting songs ever created and sung. i love how this song makes me strong and still hold to my faith. no matter what difficulties and adversities you are in, there's no such wrong things when you believe and look at the brighter side of life. just see it for yourselves and believe to the strength within you. love it.

portia m | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/11

this song is a very good song. the song that even if im in good and in difficulties i could b able 2 listern to it and feel better or be able to think deep about life in general more ecspecially 4 my future and my belief. the write i think thought and thought about the lyrics over and over, because the song comfort anyone who listern to it, mostly those who are emotionally hurt. pisoet maria with ur beautiful voice.

love it | Reviewer: nene urua | 4/9/11

this song is an inspiration to me everyone should learn to believe either in God or whatevea they do this song has touched my heart and i pray it touches the heart of many others i can sing too but its unfortunate my voice cant be heared but thanks to the song i guess i'll start believing in myself

amazi'... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/11

i am so amazed that i have no words to describe my emotions...this is song that you can listen to when you are both sad and happy ...i adore this song ...everything is so clear so nice in the sky ...yhis song evokes fellings of happiness,security,honour....i adore it....

refreshing | Reviewer: lev | 2/3/11

OMG!such an uplifting,inspiring,refreshing song after a period of absolute stress!i soo love you will always be the best singer no matter what they say.......truly,there can be miracles when you believe.

So amazing !!!! | Reviewer: EarthWorm | 12/7/10

Halo. I've heard this this song many time, when i happy or when i sad. But i don't believe that God exits!
But for the reasons, i still love this song so much. It make me believe that, i strong enough to fight back the difficulty of my life. And all my friends love it too...
What is wonderful !

Amazing Lyrics!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/10

Who ever wrote this song is a genius! One that comes along once a while in a generation. It speaks to you no matter who you are, where your from, what your made of, what you believe. I love it so much, two amazing singers, join up to show raw & pure talent. I am blessed to be a listener to it. It really speaks volumes...

when you believe | Reviewer: Candido gomes cardoso | 10/30/10

ello everybody, mi from Timor leste. This is my favorite song, and every time I listen to it, my tears appears from my eyes connected with my mother died but with god bless me i still here and with strange kind of energy in my heart... Somehow and sometimes I have a feeling that it is writen just for me

09/10/2010 | Reviewer: fabby Courage | 9/10/10

Omg i Love this songgg ! Its always the first song i listen to on my limewire and on my ipod. I pray to this song and its my ringtone for when my mom is calling me ! OOOh and i loveeuuu whitney houstonnnnnn ! I loveee mariah carey soooooo muchhhh <3

Miracles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/10

hello everybody, I am from Serbia. This is my favorite song, and every time I listen to it, my tears appears from my eyes connected with strange kind of energy in my heart... Somehow and sometimes I have a feeling that it is writen just for me.I love Mariah Carey and Witney Houston with all my heart. They are the best singers in the whole world.

Very touch n interest | Reviewer: Iklan manalu | 7/13/10

So do i, i'm agree with u so much! This song is my favorite song. .
When i heard it, i wanna sing it, n every time i always sing it, coz n i feel that in this song there is a miracles that can make me to be strong n alwys effort in my life,
especially to my parent in sempung bariz nauli. . . . . . . .
Horas ma dihamu saluhut na,

love it | Reviewer: bookworm | 6/23/10

I absolutely love this song and movie.
I am still a kid, but I started watching this a lot when I was really little, and I still love it soooo much!
so powerful. so true. God is amazing!
I wish dream works still made movies like this.

when you believe | Reviewer: alain | 6/5/10

I heard this song when i was so young!I wa interesting by sound because i didn,t know english that time but now i undestand and i am feel very touch!god bless u so much because is like advising!believe even you have matter maybe it will finish!