Amazing. | Reviewer: Britnea Toot | 5/28/10

This song is amazing. It was my sisters favorite song. It was also sang at my sisters funeral last June. She was 17. She was supost to be graduating highschool in 3 days from today. Yesterday was 10 months sense she died. The Highschool chior at my school is singing this song at graduation on sunday in honor of Chelsea. Chelsea was 5 years older then me. And I miss her everyday... I didnt think I would ever get threw her passing but everytime I hear this song it makes me relize that I can do it. Chelsea was supost to be 18 in june. And my family will be throwing chelsea an 18th birthday party. I live in a very small town and the day after Chelsea died her class arranged a candle light vidual. It was amazing. My other sister and I led the 500 people from one side of town to the other to represent Chelsea's Life. I Miss her everyday. I remember the morning she left I said "I love you Chels. Be careful driving and call me when you get there" and she responded with "okay I will. and I love you." I never got that call. Instead we had a police officer at our front door who is very good freinds with my family. He was crying. And he said I dont know how to say this But there was a car accident. Chelsea was in it and she was killed instantly. Chelsea happend to be talking on the phone and texting at the same time. While driving. She is one of the main reasons for the "no talking or texting" law in Iowa and Illionois. When ever I hear this song it reminds me so much of my older sister. 1 place I never thought I would have to visit my sister was at a cemetary. I miss her sooo much. R.I.P Chelsea Lea. Your my gardian angel 6/17/92-7/27/09

cklc's id comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/10

I Hope this kind of music will never die because it's really inspire,even when this song is outdated i hope the spirit of it still remains in our heart who is ever to hear n' feel of the greatness of this song...
I Love U...
Mariah Carey...
CKLC'S id,Indonesia.

Deeply Inspiring | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/10

I love this song so much, and I loved it even more on the Prince of Egypt. It inspires many people with the truth of the lyrics. When I listen to this song I can't help to sing a long with it. It inspiring, relaxing, and much more.

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/10

This song is sooo good. It's so inspiring, and I love the version with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (sorry if I spelled those wrong). I hope Mariah will continue to use her gift in this way, she has such an amazing voice. This song is so good!!! Miracles can happen if you believe they can and if you believe in God: that He'll answer your prayers to make a miracle :)

When You Believe.. | Reviewer: net | 2/26/10

There can be miracles when you believe...yes it,s true..God is always there for us...waiting to trust and BELIeve HIM.. let us just open our hearts and He will come in! thanks for this song...i like it.. thanks to you mariah... keep sharing your gift from Him..

I love this song | Reviewer: singer for ever | 3/1/10

I love this song and I sung it for the addution to the play Annie. Now im annie the director told the I was the most memorable with the most beautiful song. One question wasn't it on Moses Prince of Egypt?

this song gives me chills!! <3 | Reviewer: mel | 11/20/09

there is a girl who i know who never really got along with me.. we both realized that we both could sing, and decided to do a duet. We chose this song because it is true, miracles do happen if u believe in them, because now, me and this girl are friends and its all due to the fact that we have the love for music in common with eachother. We're singing it tonight, so wish us luck !!

thanks for the song, thanks for the lyrics inspirational | Reviewer: the trekkers | 10/22/09

every sentence of this song speaks an feeling, the voice who sings this song is so full of life to carry the message across. inspirational !! i have use this song for a movie clipping with credits back to you in

What a w0nderful s0ng! | Reviewer: Fun_nie | 10/10/09

This s0ng is one of the m0st w0nderful s0ng I've ever heard. . It really inspired me to do the best I can. . When I feel upset, I always listen to this song :)

b0th mariah carey n david archuleta's version are really w0rth to listen..

Yes we can get those miracles if we believe in what we do! :-D

Inspiring lyric | Reviewer: widya hayati nufus | 10/3/09

I write this lyric on my facebook, its will be an inspiring words for my beloved West Sumatera land, Padang city, Indonesia... Before a powerful earthquake, 7,6 SR sept 30,2009...
We must survive and dont be hopeless...

misses. ]': | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/09

The song made me feel so depressed and I almost cry. There will be miracles when you believe. Yeah, it's true. But losing a boyfriend is much better than losing a bestfriend. I've lost two of them recently, and I cried non-stop each day. I don't know why I feel so low. I miss them so much. ]': I hope that god will help solve my problem. God, I believe in you. ]':

My strength | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/09

Ths song makes me stronger each time i hear it. All the prob. That surpass mah way is solved by mearly settng my self to believe on what i can do. It inspires me 2 do what is aoth to do 4 it boost my self confdence. Everytme im down it encourages me to stand fr where i was slpped on. Later i found mah self relieve and done my job and responsibility. May ths song can ponder strength to each and everyone of us!

Such an inspiration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/09

This song is so inspiring to me. When i hear this song i think about the things im going through and i realize i cant give in to my fears, i just have to believe in myself. If i cant fall asleep at night, i listen to this song, its one of the only things that helps me calm down.

great | Reviewer: Theo | 6/24/09

i very intrested for this song.Into this song has a word for everyone
that is just one way to pray and hope and that is reaal in Jesus Christ.This song make me sure that miracle is real for everyone who hope

My Opinion | Reviewer: SashaFierce | 6/1/09

I love this song. I want to know what inspired you to make such a beautiful song? When I hear this song i feel like crying. The song brings back so many memories. I'll have to say "When You Believe" is one of my all time favorite songs in the world. Thank you for your time. WITH LOVE!!!