POWER WITHIN US | Reviewer: Irawan | 3/30/09

we never knew what we could do till it's done. " We were moving mountains long Before we knew we could". this song really encourage us to maximize the power within us. It's not about the power above us, but, this is THE POWER WITHIN US that we never think about it.When will people start to believe that they can do beyond they knew?

truly a blessing <3 | Reviewer: SaRa <33 | 3/14/09

oh my goodness!! this songs gets DEEP the lyrics r so rite on really when u believe and have faith anything is possible i know this im only 16 but ive gone threw soo much its such a wonderful thing a beautifulllllll thing


we need hope to live in this world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/09

trust in Him who delivers promises,and who is the only one who achieves miracles. bringing hope & warmth in the mist of dispair. God is ever kind and listens to our cry out to Him.

"just believe", believe in the salvation God's gonna bring in Jesus this time, and miracles will happen, you'll be freed from the bondage of sin and death.

great....great... | Reviewer: kleenanhy | 2/17/09

its so amazing to listen to this kinda song... hw great GOD is with us.. just believe in Him and miracles will come... dont hesitate to call him.. GOD welcome us..no mateer what.. hopefull comes up..

God is gr8! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/09

such a beautiful song...its from prince of egypt, a childhood movie i watched, it is nostalgic. The song shows that if you believe in God he can do miracles for you, ask and t will be given, seek and you will find...God is sooo great. Amen!
--OFFG(On Fire For God!)

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

This song is somewhat vocally challenging and a lovely piece that I love to sing over and over. This movie is from when I was a kid so it brings back a lot of memories. Its a very powerful and beautiful song.

so inspirational | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/09

with God, anything can happen. just trust in him he'll guide you through and you will get through anything! During my toughest of times when I would feel so worn out and at my lowest...inspirational songs like these keep me up knowing HOPE IS NEAR. Praise the Lord! It's hard to trust "when you are blinded by ur pain" but I believe! I love this song! God is good...after every struggle, there is much more greatness after you've overcome it. This song makes me cry because it really touches me...God is here w/ us...always.

Beautiful Song; Carries on the Soul | Reviewer: Arlinda Xiong | 1/5/09

This songs make you think a lot when you are by yourself. Sometimes it gives you the feeling where you think, hmm...what will the future bring to me, or something like, do you know or see what our have believed. If you listen to this song, there something that's coming from that song that is trying to tell you something great will help you acheive more in life.

a song of inspiration | Reviewer: Lily <3 | 12/30/08

i luv this song. it makes me feel lyk i can do anything and not 2 b afraid. it is a truly great, inspiring song. Mariah Carey has made many great songs but i think this one is her best. when i listen 2 it i feel a light glowing inside me. that light is made up of truth, honesty and happiness and a few otha emotions. i wish this song wuld become our national anthem becuse i luv it so much.

School Nativity | Reviewer: Denise Kirk | 12/14/08

My grand children had their school nativity last week and as a finale they whole school sang When you belive now I know it will never sound as good as the Carey/Houston track but listening to these 5 to 11 year olds sing this with the descants it was beautiful what an insperational song put shivers down my spine and now I cant get it out of my head

miracles will surely happen, just believe .. in God | Reviewer: edgar | 12/7/08

i'm deeply touched by the song. actually every now and then i used to listen to the song and just the same it put tears on my eyes. i just cant help it but it really touches me deep within. i also watched the movie several times and every time and in the same scene where the song is played, i cant help it but to cry.. realizing how great is our God to deliver us. i thank the lyricist/composer, the singers and the producer who put everything together. i hope to hear this kind of songs again that brings hope and renew our faith and believe to the One and Only God who designs everything for us

This song mixes my emotions | Reviewer: Fran | 11/24/08

This song kindda mixes my emotions, I have just heard it because I'm going to sing it at my school at quire but really this song is beautifull! It makes me feel hopefull, I am living in constant dread that my worst nightmares will come true "again" and I'll be operated again and again and again forever, yet when I listened to this song it made me feel HOPEFULL, yet when I saw the video that came along with it it brought tears to my eyes, so yeah all my emotions play with me during the song

I believe!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/08

I was going through a hard time in my life and i was listening to a different song and i noticed this song farther down the page sung by a gentleman on X Factor. After listening to this song i knew i had to find who had originally sung it. When i heard Whitney and Mariah sing this i was in awe. I love Mariah's songs but this one is the best. I still can't get it out of my head.

Great! | Reviewer: Jessi | 11/22/08

I think this is a beautiful song. I first heard it when David Archuleta sang it on American Idol. He sang it beautifully, but this version really just sends shivers down my spine. Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey were perfect for this song.

touchy!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/08

it's really a good lyric..!! my hope seems out of my sight, but this song gave me the new strength...!! deep inside of my heart, i beliave thta there will be miracle in life. i know, life isn't easy, but keep believe that God will always be my side and shows His greatness. miracle ia one of His way...!!! beliave me...!!!