wonderfullness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

we are singing this song in stevens middle school, in port angeles washington choir class it is so cool and i think thaT I AM GOING TO TRY OUT FOR THE SOLO ON THE BEGINING OF THE SONG SUCH AS BELOW

Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopeful song
We barely understood

lauren hefton

good song | Reviewer: Veronica | 4/24/07

I love this song. I have to sing it in the chior i am in. But i think our version is better because we have Hebrew in it and it is really fun!!!!!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/07

you should never let go of a dream no matter how impossible it may seem. When you have faith and you believe, anything can happen. Angels will hear your voice if you sing this song often enough.

about the song | Reviewer: celeste | 3/30/07

this song...is beautiful.I going to sing it in finally the course "high school".I fell me very inspire and i always cry,because is one of my favourites loves songs.Only say,that if you have a boyfriend,you must put this song and you dancing with he.what's romantic,not?

When You Believe | Reviewer: Rachel | 2/23/07

I sang this song in my 5th and 6th grade choir class, and now whenever I hear it I think of my choir teacher who was such an inspiration to me!
This is a beautiful song that I will NEVER forget!!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Cera | 2/13/07

Me and my friend sing this at our schools concerts and at talents shows. Everyone always enjoys it. This is the perfect song for when your down. Its gorgeous!

AMY | Reviewer: amy | 2/20/07

i love this song and mariah, its so sad and it always reminds me of my mum who is dead its so beutiful just like she was and ill always remember her and ythink about her when i her this song.

its when you believe | Reviewer: rosie | 2/22/07

i absolutley love this song because it makes me get better confidence just give me good look singing it in hole school assembley luv yall rosie xxxx

carlo and marika 4ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/07

i love tihs song... i love you carlo... noi due 4mila kilometri sopra il cielo... marika

---- | Reviewer: sevan | 2/7/07

I think this song is beautiful ,And i love this song!!

when you believe | Reviewer: emily | 8/26/06

im absolutally mad about mariah but this is the one song i love because me and my mum always sing it together and it reminds me of my mum everytime i hear it. it nearly makes me cryxxxxx

a unbelievable song | Reviewer: Ivy | 6/5/06

I love the lyrics of this song. Everytime I am lose confident in me I will sing this song in my heart over and over again. It gives me strength and courage to believe and prove myself.

Paige | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/06

I think this song is beautiful.I sing all the whitney and mariah parts because im really good at singing it. I bet im better than u guys haha haha.

love it!! | Reviewer: Jess | 2/13/06

This song is so beautiful. It lifts me up everytime i listen to it. My best friend and i love to spend time singing it together juast like Mariah Carey and Whitney Huston.

When you believe | Reviewer: Convince Novales | 10/21/04

I like this song so much because of its deep meaning and it is very motivational. I like listening to it over and over again