Whatever | Reviewer: Dj malindy | 9/30/13

No matter how difficult my life is but i still believe that i can make it through the rain. I always sing this song everytime when i'm alone or when i'm not okay.tis song gives me hope.even if i feel like i could quit at something, it keeps me strong. ;( m going to make it though the rain.

through the rain | Reviewer: san | 11/23/10

i realy idol to mariah carey she is nice pretty lady.have a great voice...i really like the song she sing.i feel inside from my heart if i hear the song have faith believe.be strong in all trials.i want to hear all songs for mariah carey..

sheeeshhh | Reviewer: nena | 10/21/10

well just to let ya now im nenaa and i love this song im not a big fan but theres a couple of songs that i love from shes makes absolute sense when shes singing this songg well thanks thats all i love her and her songs are great

mom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

I played this song at my mothers funeral. She died from cancer and I spent three months by her side from 11pm to 7am. I did not want her to be alone in the hosiptal during those hours. She waved every noght to this picture in her hosiptal room that had nothing but ribbons and had sayings of faith and hope and mountains. I asked her who she was waving to and she said the beautiful woman in the picture. I did not see anyone in this picture but she did. She described this woman to me and after she had past I found out that this woman in this picture in the hosiptal happened to be her mother who passed away when she was four years old. She happened to descibe who I looked like; I never met my real grandmother. I miss you MOM

kaye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/09

im going to sing this song this afternoon in our school. well actually its like a concert. its a big event though. its really good to sing this song, i feel that no matter may happen i still can make it through the rain. :] my number one idol mariah carey. she's very very exotic.

anybody help me...pls.!i need ur help.. | Reviewer: Jean | 7/24/08

Can I AZK Sum QuEstIon?? Pls AnsWer ThiS..Now.. I Need In mY AsSiGnMeNt..PLs...
1st.Question.-Rain often represents something depressing.What conditions in life can it represent? Attach as many conditions as you can to the word "RAIN".<i need 10 answers>pls.

i love u | Reviewer: bruna | 12/30/07

i love this song is the best song i have ever heard in my live i ove it so much i sing it ever day i love it so much ....!!!!!....?????:);):O

I adore Mariah | Reviewer: Dina Kaliyeva | 12/14/07

I love Mariah.She is very talent.I adore all her songs...they are sooo gooood!!!They make me believe in miracles...thy make me strong...Thank you,Mariah.You're the best! ;)
LOVE,Dina Kaliyeva.Kazakhstan.

My Mimi | Reviewer: ale | 12/4/07

This seems like she could write my life on this songs, i can't believe what a woman she's...

What a pity that she never came to argentina!!!

She has the most beautiful voice of this world

mariah you rocks | Reviewer: melisa | 11/11/07

from the first time i heard her song "hero" oh my god it was something to die for but i refuse to.keep up the good work girl and i wish to meet you someday. love ya.

re | Reviewer: erol | 11/3/07

the song is amazing im a personal mariah carey's friend we been working very hard on performing this album but we did it see ya guyz soon thanx for submiting ur comments

music enthusiast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

she is highly talented. these kind of talents are lost now in our age of time where the onlty thing artists sell are their body and face whcih by the way has nothing to do with singing nor music.

she is by far the msot talented female artist around

heLLo | Reviewer: marjorie_bernadette | 9/20/07

it so beautiful and good.....,,i like this song and i like the snger of this song,,,mariah carey......,,

Love it!! | Reviewer: Kendyl Walker | 8/30/07

I love this song!
Its Very Insperational!
I always sing it or hum it when i feel sad or when i feel lonely!!
I love this song!!!

hi ate mariah!!!! | Reviewer: jealyn | 8/11/07

wow!!!!!!!so beautiful sons!!!! i love it! its my theme song with my boyfriend!!!