butterfly in my chest | Reviewer: maribel | 8/21/13

I fell inlove with this song. Though i cant sing the way mariah sang this.. but whenever i hear it, tears always fall in my eyes.Very touching,love hearing it alone. I find it a great company while laying down on ground just staring at the sky with star shinning so bright. I felt good. :)

Mariah Carey loves JESUS | Reviewer: rdmtjr | 9/11/11

My tears fall when i hear this song...very beautifull emotional heavenly song...it tells the unmeasured LOVE of JESUS to us...Its make us our FAITH in GOD much stronger and more stronger... I love you so much MARIAH CAREY... thank you so much JESUS and i will give my all for you my LORD... GOD BLESS WHO READ THIS...

Your lyrics and music is so deep | Reviewer: bill | 2/8/09

Mariah I really got it bad for your songs... and I hear your lyrics are so deep.. singing to the Lord and for the Lord. GOD BLESS you Girl ! I will always love you ! I only hope some day I can meet you personally !

Love This Song | Reviewer: Isiah | 9/6/07

I love this song it one of her many hits I just wish there was a video for it. Love your Mariah and I can wait until your new C.D come out in Nov. Your the best.

mariah carey are the best | Reviewer: yilmaz | 6/29/07

i love this song its so emotional and i love mariah for ever and ever and i will always love you and you are my sunshine

great song | Reviewer: mariahfan4everandever | 6/29/07

i like this song and i love mariah so much mariah you are the best ever i will always love you and this song is so emotional and so much with soul you are my idol nobody is better than you

GREAT! | Reviewer: Daniel | 6/26/07

I feel sad because it was never a single...such a killer love ballad!