perfectly defines our love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/07

This is the perfect song for someone as emotionally scarred as I am, always waiting for someone who can light up my life from within...who can unlock the many secrets and truths inside me...thank god I found him.

thank god i found you | Reviewer: april | 11/13/07

thank god i found you

My wedding song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/07

I found this song on limewire and I absoultely love it. It sings my life right now.This will be my wedding song.

My boyfriend cried | Reviewer: Olivia | 10/28/07

I love this song and I sang it to my boyfriend the other day and guess what...he cried. He was touched by the lyrics.
So I guess it can be lovers' song, lovers who are truly madly in love.
At least, it's ours.

so lovely | Reviewer: jhe-anne | 9/1/07

i'm so in love whenever i hear this song!this is my favorite and i dedicate it to my best friend jem..i love it.,.suPEr!!!!

waaaaaaaaaaaaa..... | Reviewer: LandeL | 8/18/07

shocks... im in love... i love this song!!!! waaaaaaaaaa.. i dedicate it to my crush... uhmmm... its a secret...

thank god i found you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

omg i loveee this sonnggg i stumbled upon it on youtube n i just had to have it! i found it on limewire n omggg i just love it.i dunt really have any man or boyfriends but i love this song anyways!

loved it | Reviewer: Jamie | 6/15/07

i loved this song as soon as a heard it. its really great.

Finding unvarnished truth | Reviewer: Lynn | 5/2/07

I have had this CD for a long time. I am from NH and came to Florida for vacation on Monday, April 30. I recently met a new man in my life whom I am very happy with so far. It's only been a couple months but he is wonderful. When I ever put in this CD I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The words from my own heart of how I felt about him. I started to write the words and then came on your site. Thsnk you so much for making my day. I have recently left a 12 yr. relationship of jealousy, mental abuse and controlling. I feel free with this man. He is well-rounded and just overall wonderful. God Bless. Passion

thank god i found you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/05

i luv this song i dedicated 2 my only one muffin i luv u muffin