Ma favourite | Reviewer: Bessy oke | 6/9/14

Each time i listen to this song, it reminds me of the past year i've lived without GOD, although, am a christian but this year is just exceptional because i found a new relationship with HIM. So happy to know you, thank you GOD i found you.

My heartbeat...thank God I found u* | Reviewer: Grace K | 4/2/14

Dis song defines evrythin abt me,bcoz evrytym I hear remindz me f ma past.Bt jst wen i found u (Innocent),my whole lyf bcam so complet bcoz in u I find all da qualitiez i had owaz wantd in a guy 4 me.U min da world 2 me & I pray dat we go a lng way 2getha.God willin....u r myn 4eva*I lov u*

August 13, 2013 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/13

I used this song to be my background music for the video I made for my mahal on our 1st year anniversary.. (but not as bf/gf ha?) 1st na po kaming mgkakilala and I am thankful so much to God that I found him. He is the only one who brings out the best in me. I care no ideals and differences that may separate us. All I know now is that I am in love with him and very much happy. We are very much happy. It must really be God that is working with us and everything between and in us are all entrusted to the Lord. God willing, you are my forever dear. I love you dear.

thank God i found you Madaki | Reviewer: heartr0ck18 | 12/27/12

thank God i found you madaki...
Even you lft me i was very thankful c0uz i f0und you. .
Ipnrealze mu na hnd lhat ng lalake manl02q. .and being a playgurl is n0t. .ryt. .
Y0u are the greatzt gift i rcve fr0m Our God.
Hinnge kta xa knya pero nsaktan kta kc selfish ako..sana ibalik ka ni God skn.. .
S0rry h0n y0u're still the one in my heart,in my life n0w and f0rever.. S0ry i hurt ur felngz..
Everytime i hrd th!z z0ng ikw pmpxuk xa icp q0uh
i l0ve u h0n..


Thank GOd I Found You _babieqoh FRANCIS OANES | Reviewer: A.K.A_JOAN MARIE FRANCISCO | 12/26/12

Thank god i found you babieqoh.Diku akalain na sa banda lang kta maki2la2x ngpa2salamat dn ako ky god dhil naging tayo..Sa simpleng ikaw minahal kta. I wish forever natayo. Once's in my life I'VE 'LOST' my heart to someone...Thank for save me from being miserable year.And life..I LOVE YOU BABIEQOH FRANCIS OANES-always love yov

Thank God i found you | Reviewer: Eunice | 12/22/11

I really love this song, it brings joy in my heart because with God by my side...everything is possible, I can overcome every obstacle and He enables me to be ready for every challenge that life can send my way

- myxwitBhabYjuLius- | Reviewer: JarLyN _ JoI | 10/27/11

.everytym I hear diz s0ng c baby co lang tLga ung pumapaxok kaagad xa isip co..I'm s0 thankful na bnigay xha xken ni Lord. Napaka bait,napakaxwit..caring.patient pa xa ugali cu..wala na tlaga acung maxa2be xa bhaby cu ngaun.. I'm s0 thankfuL tLga dat God gave him 2me..

" swit bhaby I'm s0 thankfuL I found yu.... : ) "

just the truth............ | Reviewer: vanush | 8/8/11

every time i heart this song it makes me feel something new just the way that god is the only one in our life it helps me to go ahead in my life i'll never forget that god is the best thng i never had in my life.

Arjhone tolentino hannah sophia eusebio | Reviewer: Hannahsophia eusebio | 3/14/11

Thank god i found you this song is beautiful because she is nakaka touch for me because pag iniwan ka ng love mo ma rerealize mo yung mga pinag samahan ninyo kaya the best ito for me i love it

its true | Reviewer: anne | 11/24/10

this song is exactly right for me... i was once lost and miserable when my ex left me.. i long for so long for someone who will save me from being miserable.. years that i live my life with pain and anger then suddenly he came and brought sunlight to my life...thank god i found you mahal ... i love you so much...

mahal q!! | Reviewer: carlota | 9/18/10

this song reminds me of him, he's everything to me! and once in my life Ive lost my heart to someone, then he came and light invades! thank god.. he ablated those mask on my face. he filled up my animus and now im contented! i love you ralp!! behlat

love u still rolan.. | Reviewer: marie | 9/10/10

ther are time we came to the point of being over and we want to escape and explode.. Ang sarap magmamahal kasing sakit rin pag nabigo pero kahit masaya o masakit man ang importante naranasan nating umibig its been a long journey for us so many trials passed by but still here i am loving you Lan...i maybe wr0ng for loving u this way but everytime i run away cant help but going back to you..thank god i found lan he make realize n kaylangan magpaka22o aq sa iba and sa sarili ko...thank you. And I LOVE YOU!!mwuah.

for my dy.. | Reviewer: marie | 9/9/10

everytym i heard dis song i stil rememberng my x bf sobrang special sken ung guy ngaun kc hanggang ngaun i stil lav him napakabait nya and wla aq masbi skanya. Lan wer ever u are hope u stil ok.. I miss u so much and i LOVE you stil daddy. Mwuaah.

wat the ____!!! | Reviewer: ruth | 8/20/10

when iheard this song my heart beat so fast bcoz i still remember my ex bf he makes me cry....hmmm well im so thankful that i found him bcos he makes me realize that being a play gurl is not right.....d'time that i need to cry super loud bcoz he left me juz to realize i was lost with him...........;(

wow itz the best :D | Reviewer: sakura | 6/26/10

everytime i hear this song... it gives me hope that the man i love will acually feel the same way i do. Nd everytime i see him this song is honestly the first thing that pops in my mind. i jst love it.

girls hide their personality inside their hearts nd bring out a totally differnt person just to impress the boys, i was recently told by my crush that he dont like wat im turning out to be, he jst likes me 4 who i am...
nd this song really helped me alot.this has to be my favourite in history!!!!! i love you secret crush!!!! always nd forever