i think your song rocks nd matches me concidering just 2day i found my man cheatin | Reviewer: Sexy bitch | 8/2/2008

Hey hey wat up i think your song is really attractive lol just tonight i walked home from my friends house wit her n walked in side n found my boyfriend nd bestfriend in bed together i just sat there n stared for a lil till he stood up n said "Baby it ain't wat it looks like' BULLSHIT they were laying there under the blankets his arm ova her n they were really close any way that dnt matter this song rocks n it really matches me i have shaking him off lol LOve Ya Mariah XOXOXOX YA ROCK this is #1 of ya best songs !!!!YEA

brilliant song of the album | Reviewer: anthony68 | 6/15/2007

This song is so great the melodie and the lyrics. Very cachy...i play it all the time like the album. Her voice is so clear and beautiful and strong. I would love to have a woman like that! Without the cats and dogs then....lol
This song is about players and their game. I don't like players woman or man. They play with feelings, thats not good. So go for it Mariah tell them...
Players you all take a lesson out of this song no more playing!!!! You are cought!!

thank you. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/2007

this fits me perfectly.
i love you MC, keep doin' what your doin'.


thank you | Reviewer: Hannah | 4/21/2007

I love this song it helps me so much when i think i cant go on,my boyfriend is being a ass and this song makes me strong,the ass wont be around for long

~Shake It Off~ | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/4/2006

I luv this song is soooo beautiful!! You really have to stand your ground! When i listen to it i remember when I found out my old Boyfriend was cheating on me! With one of the girls i hate!! What a ass! Well this song really makes me think back. Thanks Mariah!

We all need to shake it off!!! | Reviewer: ~*Amanda*~ | 11/29/2005

This song fits me perfect. I was in this relationship where my asshole of a boyfriend started plain games on me and lyin all the time. He would write dirty little notes to all of my friends and they would come back and tell me about it. And when i asked him about it, he said "if i wanted to cheat on you i would do it right in front of you. So no i did no such thing." Untill i caught him red handed with my best friend or should i say ex bestfriend, so i burnt this song onto a cd and put it into his cd player and blasted it. I packed up muh shit and got the fuck outa there! When he got home im sure he heard it playing. He now wants to get back with me but i am standing my ground and saying NO!!!!! Thanks Mariah I LOVE YOU!!! you've helped me so many times!!! You have to listen to this song and if you dont then you suck!!!! lol

we all need to shake it off | Reviewer: cassandra | 9/23/2005

i luv this song. i think it is so beautiful plus i luved the music video.
I know my boyfriend did. For the people who havent heard it before im sorry for you.

You go girl! | Reviewer: Nicole | 9/11/2005

At first it was we belong together and he used to sing it to me and then all of the sudden this song came along and i sang it to him guys are asssholes and you made the perfect song to prove that you are the best mariah I love you...This song is great!!!!


Shake-shake-shake it off | Reviewer: Temptations Girl | 8/20/2005

I love this song. One of my favorites off of her brilliant album, because it showcased her and her alone and it didn't have any other unnecessary rappers around to make a grandiose out of it. It proved what Mariah can still do --- she can STILL own a hip hop track and make the most out of it.

This will probably her #17, hopefully. Well, its already #1 on TRL anyway after only 4 days. lol. Good work, Mariah!

Thanks Girl | Reviewer: Steph | 8/17/2005

Every time I hear this song in the car with my husband. I sing him the words like a warning. "I'm gonna shake you off", cuz his lovin aint the same and he keeps on playin games like he knows Im here to stay. NOT 4 Long. Get the picture or Get OUT.