No1 Fan | Reviewer: k,Ireland | 10/20/08

your lyrics are so deep,you show such passion when you sing i absolutely admire,respect and love you and your music.your albums have been with me through school,university and still your releasing songs and i never get bored of them!! whenever i need to cry,laugh or just chill your songs have the power to get me through the bad and good times. my favourite (and its not easy to choose)'We Belong Together' i needed that song in my life so badly when it was released it was like you were singing about me :)
please please come to Ireland xxx

hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/08

Dear maria you have inspired me a lot and made my days very proud when listening to your music.i like this one "Touch my body" its an loving and inspirational song my dear.i love you.
saforo from Ghana

love you | Reviewer: christina | 9/10/08

dear mariah, i think you are a great singer and a very pretty lady you have influenced me to sing like you if you stop singing my world would be crushed =0 your #1 fan 4 always christina i am only 13 years old

you have the most inspiring voice since i heard your first song | Reviewer: sarah warner | 8/24/08

Dear mariah carey, my name is sarah warner and i am from the united kingdom, i just wanted to say i have been listening to your songs and albums since the very song that you song, i dont know if you know anything about the x factor but when i watch it i wish some one like you would come on and sing like you you have the most inspiring voice of all time, you sing with such passion and you have the most amazing voice on this planet i dont think anyone could come to your leval of singing, When my best freind died we played your favoirute song hero she loved everything about you and their was not one day where she didnt listen to you or see you in concert when she passed away at the young age of 14 we played your song hero as felt that is was the most powerful song that there is i am such a great fan and i hope one day you will be able to bring another album out and show all these young people that life is good and to keep trying i thankyou for your insperations
all the best for the future
sarah warner(United Kingdom)

miss marica Bruce | Reviewer: Marica | 8/5/08

Hello, Mariah, i love your song, your vioce and pls i want to be your number 1 fan am from Nigeria and my favourite songs are they can say, bye bye, my All, and shake it, i love you and so is my family both mom and dad love you and all your songs. keep it real girl the Lord will all always bless you in Jesus name Amen. take kia

we love you!! :] | Reviewer: joan | 8/5/08

i am a fan of yours, i always listen to your songs, one of my fave songs are bye-bye and thank God i found you , i wish you'll have a concert in philippines... even though your songs are repeating again and again in the music or concert channel on the television.. i still love them!!! :]

I love you Mariah | Reviewer: Musa | 7/11/08

Dear Mariah, I really liked your songs .I love your voice. Could Pls come to South Africa and do a concert. I have the songs Without You, Hero, Always Be My Baby,Thank God I Found you(Featuring Nas and Joe)and When You Believe on my IPod. I really wanna meet you someday. I'm 11 Years old and I'm a Boy. I keep this to myself because my friends will think I'm a girl.I love your music videos especially Butterfly.

I love you mariah | Reviewer: Musa | 7/11/08

Hi mimi,I'm 11 years old and I'm a boy. I have sung solos,duets and in choir.My first solo was in grade 3 for school.My last singing activity was in Grade 4 in a duet.Mariah pls come to SA in Cape Town Please.I l love ur music videos and songs. My favorite is Hero. I would love to meet you. Love

i luv MARIAH | Reviewer: faZ | 7/4/08

we all love MARIAH
my greatest dreaM is tO meeT MARIAH and to sinG with her,
my favorite sonG of hers, "love takes time"
i grew up listeninG tO mAriaH and MARIAH only =P
i'lL never get tired oF her, i wouldn't bE a music lover iF it wasn't of her =)

iM faz froM philippines!
hope MARIAH will soOn be dOin a concert here in MANILA =P
i miss her, we miss her!
iM going to hug her really tight!
she inspires a lot of people
she touches liveS!

her sonG BYEBYE iS dOin a great job on the hiT charts here!
itS already #1 on the topteN beatinG jonas brothers' "when u look me in the eye"

its also #1 in "myx international top 20"

congrats MARIAh!

keep writing sonGs!
i luv u wit alL of my heart!

Tiare | Reviewer: tiare | 5/13/08

hey wats up mariah i was just dropping by to show u some luv well im a gurl from da island maui and my name is tiare well just to let u know ur 1 of my favorite singers in the world but yeah i figured id just say that cause it is true well anyways ways i gots to go and when u get dis messege hollah back at me weo peace....

i love you | Reviewer: annamarie | 4/23/08

i think your incredible i love you so much.mywish is to sing a song with you please make it come true by calling me @(209) 9481900 or coming to my house @521 south orange street stockton ,california. its in boggs tract

me and my 3 girls LOVED GLITTER | Reviewer: susan | 4/15/08


your my hero | Reviewer: courtney | 4/14/08

mariah carey your my hero, every song you have sang or wrote i love! i love singing along to your tracks and would be overwhelmed and honered just to get tips from you about the life of a singer and how you reached your potential i am only 13 but i have know doubt that you are my idol and i see you as a strong role model thatnk you for doing what you do! xx

my reasoning. | Reviewer: Dominique | 4/9/08

mariah is amazing to anyone who would ever say shes a joke is just kidding themselves there jealous shes the reasoning for why i sing today and the reason how i even found out i could sing shes one of the worlds biggest talents and i thank her for helping me wanna be what she is today a sucessful beautiful talented singing artist so whoever would say someone like mariah carey is a hasbeen? ha shes just getting started and stop talking smack u kno noone will ever in this lifetime or the next have a voice like hers. shes my hero

What a voice quality | Reviewer: patrick arrogante | 3/18/08

Hi Mimi. You're such a wonderful singer. Your whistles and your 5-octave vocal made you unique to us (especially to me and the people of the Philippines). I've watched your concert videos many times a day. I've notice your desire to catch peoples attention to let them relate to the message of the song your delivering(that's why it's not impossible that the audience will emote to it). Besides your high, powerful, and brilliant notes made us feel the entire song. Your really blessed by God. You are one of those who were given spectacular voices(in short heavenly voices). Keep on singing and especially whistling.
(Please have a concert here in Philippines again. I wanna see you in person. I wanna hear your graceful whistles and whispers and of course your notas agaudas.)God bless you.