Gifted | Reviewer: Thuli | 6/14/07

When listening to Mariah sing i become speechless. She is gifted, she was born to sing. Like everyone in life Miriah has her share of ups and downs. I believe that no one can match what she has others have come close but not enough to be on her level. She still remains a spirit lifter and a heart healer through lyrics.
Born to do it, Born to be a star. She glitters everywhere she goes.

Talented | Reviewer: Volanda | 6/6/07

Mariah Carey is very talented she is one of my favorite singers. One of my favorite songs from her is "We Belong Together" I really like that song because it reminded me of my ex-boyfriend.....but anyway she is very talented

Big Fan | Reviewer: Briana | 5/26/07

U r the best singer i've ever heard (im listening 2 the "Glitter" soundtrack right now i like #7.) Plz email me back @

MARIAH CAREY | Reviewer: ashley | 5/24/07

i am a very big fan mariah u are the best singer in the whole entire world and i have learned alot form and about you

my romodel!!!! | Reviewer: Jessica | 5/22/07

I love mariah so much my room is filled with her pictures... i would loVe to meet her because she seems like a down to earth person. i love her music i could really relate to it.....i would do anything to meet her...... please make my dreams come true!!! HELP ME MEET MARIAH CAREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i luv mariah | Reviewer: holly | 5/20/07

mariah is the greatest singer of all time...i've loved her for as long as i can remember...she will never be forgotten.

MARIAH IS THE BEST AND THE PRETTYEST!!! | Reviewer: Maria Garcia | 5/17/07

I think that mariah is so beautiful and the best vioce ever. I wish i could ever see her in real life one day.And I just wanted to wish her the best, God bless you Mariah!Keep on diong your thing gurl, you ROCK!!!The song "we belong together"is and will always be the best and my favorite song!Luv u Mariah, your # 1 fan, Maria

She IS The Best!!! | Reviewer: Sadie | 5/15/07

I have been a Big Mariah Carey fan Since the age of 5!!! I have 3 of her emancipation cds. Shes littarly the best vocalist there is!! And i realy dnt care what people say bout her!!! And if i were to ever have the chance to meet her i wouldnt even know what to say to her.

I love her | Reviewer: crystal | 5/12/07

She has the best voice I ever heard When I was little I would listen to her every day hoping that sometime I would meet her.As I got older I would past my voice like hers and now I can sing like her People say that me and her voice is very similar. I was in choir all the way through school and Now I'm the only one in my choir who can go really high I'm first soprano.And I listen to her Evey day and at one point of time my grandma took all of my Maria Carey Cd's and I was really mad and she gave them back but I still listen to her every day.

always mariah | Reviewer: sammy | 5/9/07

mariah is my favorite all time favorite singer and always will b she is amazing i love her !!!!!!!

Mariahz mah cuzzin | Reviewer: Mariah's Cuzzin | 5/8/07

hey yall I noe she can sing dats mah cuzzin. I have everything to prove it. Jus Because she mah cuzzin im not just saying she can sing./ mi primo es muy talentoso.

The bravest of them all | Reviewer: Oshane Stephens | 5/4/07

after going through all that she still manged to come back and blow the place up. she was very successful in the 1990s and recieved many awards. she is a beautiful and talented female artist. she is one of my favorite.

Mariah Carey | Reviewer: Chassidy | 5/4/07

Your soo amazing. I wish i was just like you because you are my inspirsation. I was wondering how can i get started in the music business??


I just wanted to say.... | Reviewer: lisa | 5/2/07

that I am doin a biograpy on you and I waould realy like to meat chu one day I realy would like to you are mi favorite /////mi favorite movie of u'rs is glitter
3>lisa scott
p.s. w/b/ if u can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Singer | Reviewer: Imoti Emmanuel Ekisa | 4/28/07

Marey Carey is the best singer. If one day I happen to meet her in the streets of New York or Nairobi, Kenya it is going to be the most happiest day of my life. Hence, I rest and retire to the peace of my inner soul. Or I will ask her just to dance with her and or even touch her face. I wish you all the best in your career, hope one day you will remeber me. I am Kenyan from Africa. Have a splendid day.