hey Mariah how are you | Reviewer: Kailea Green | 10/6/07

Hey there how are you ilove you to death and your music to you rock ummmm this might sound rude to you but can you please tell me your race? you don't have to but seriously don;t answer me if you think that it is to personal srry but i love you bunches and i'm only 12 but i have a friend that tries to tell me that your white but theres nothing wrong with being any kind of race i'm NOT RACIS love you to death

Kailea Green

LOVE MARIAH | Reviewer: karl | 10/5/07

she's the most successful female recording artiste for a reason...her beautiful voice...I LOVE MARIAH...
her vocal range however is 5 octave and 7 semitones wide...but she sounds way better than anyone with wider vocal range...

mc. | Reviewer: just someone | 10/3/07

I love her music :-) when I was 12 or 13 she came with 'The emancipation of Mimi' and i heard she had a new song so I went downloading and there i saw some beautiful old song en i kept downloading songs and now.. I have them all :-D

the greatest love.. | Reviewer: sal.. | 9/24/07

look.. theres love and theres great love.. i have love for my people.. but i have the greatest love for my girl mariah.. she is my idle.. my one and only biggest dream and goal is to make a song with her!! i love you girl.. keep your head up, and dont let anybody get you down.. my world is your town!!

I love Mariah Carey | Reviewer: Michelle Lynn Carberry | 9/10/07

I have been a fan of Mariah Carey's since the day I saw her first movie Glitter at the age of twelve. After that movie I decided to resaerch her more. I was already in love with singing and I fell in love with her voice the mintue I heard it. I am on my way to becomming a singer myself I wish someday, and I will always look up to Mariah Carey.
Love you so Much,
Michelle Carberry

Mariah Carey: So sweet | Reviewer: MBFELHTD | 9/8/07

I mean can you love her more she is so sweet and gifted. I think she is the biggest female artist ever her voice is unbelieveable.

i love mariah carey | Reviewer: jethro | 8/31/07

you know what that mariah carey is my no# 1 idol and i'm the big fan of mariah carey, because mariah carey is the biggest sailing female artist and i love her songs like can't take that away from me... and other's and mariah carey said that the song called hero... it has a whole knew meaning because she had to look inside her self and find the strenght to get through a lot of things.. and so she want to dedecate this to all her fans and she said that "thank you for believing in me, and don't ever forget to believe in yourself and this song is called hero....."

i love mariah carey | Reviewer: shakey | 8/29/07

hey jus wanna say i love you mariah i love all of your music espcially giltter kant ge enough of it .........but until next tyme duecey

It would be a dream. | Reviewer: Stephani Ellis | 8/28/07

Mariah, if you're reading this, please know that your music always helps me through my problem, like your song "Through the rain". I've had some horrible problems that I don't ever want anyone else to experience. We'll probably never meet, but I just wanted to thank you for making music that can help young woman when they feel lost, and lonely. God Bless, I will pray for your safety, and continuous success. Stephani Ellis.

i love mariah | Reviewer: rachel | 8/25/07

i love mariah so much i think i m her #1 fan i have all her cds and it would be dream come true to meet her i also have magazines and articles about her no one likes the movie glitter but i loved it it was so touching i wish i can meet her one day!!

i love mariah | Reviewer: kala | 6/24/07

i really love mariah carey i kno alot about here i call her my sister and i listen 2 all of her music i really pray every night that i could meet her and i hope that GOD asnwers my prayers no lie love ya mariah please let this dream come true i used 2 havedreams about me and her spending our day 2 gether i luv mariah (no i'm not gay)

don't forget about us | Reviewer: Harley | 6/20/07

I love the song 'dont forget about us' reminds me of my ex... he was my first true love :(




woooooh Mariah!! | Reviewer: Rachael | 6/18/07

hey guys... Dont u guys agree that mariah is tha best singer.. who ever thinks she isnt just get of this page becuase u guys are crazy.. Mariah rules and she will always.. ye i agree with u Tifany that nobody will be as gud as Mariah carey in a million years!!!... WOOHH MARIAH

MAriah is that best | Reviewer: Saskia | 6/18/07

Hey everyone.. MAriahs latest album in 2005 was the best.. I loved that album i listen to it everyday and never get bored of it... CHEERS FOR MARIAH!!

GO MARIAH | Reviewer: Tifany | 6/18/07

man mariah ur the best singer that anyone can come across. Ur voice says it all. I agree with Roxanne that nobody can top her in a million years. If i had a chance to meet her i would be the first interviewer no matter wat. All i have to say is that Mariah go gurl... do wat you do the best and just SING!!! hehe