i love u mariah carey | Reviewer: rushy alasagas | 3/1/08

hello!!!frst of all i wanna great all the people who alwys visiting the website of my idol mariah...ms mariah,if you read this message,i just want you to know how admire u...and bcause of you i know how to sing a high notes and how to whistle..eventhough i am a boy...ur my inspiration from now...u know what,i am the grnd chmpion of the big cntst her in the philippines titled LITTLE BIG STAR...mariah, i love u so much..hopefully i can se u in person...lov ya

I LOVE MARIAH | Reviewer: Forchu | 2/28/08

Mariah, you are the most striking. I watch your videos almost everyday and i feel you have the most charming voice i ever heard singing. I can feel your sounds in my dream and I really want to meet you in person. That is my greatest dream now. I look forward to come to US just to see you one day.

PEOPLE SAY THIS ALOT.........BUT........... | Reviewer: brianna | 2/4/08

people never think love mariah as much as i do but if you beleive me or not i am 11 years old but anyway iv been singing since i was little and i hope to have the same life she did even though it was quick and sad but to get to where she is now i am willing to go though what ever she did because shes pretty and i really do LOVE her and i mean 5 to 7 oktoms thats so amazing i love all her songs and even though she had her ooppss and everything with showing her boobs thats okay i still love mariah and want to be just like her i love her

Just Beautiful | Reviewer: neundra king | 2/10/08

I think you are a very beautiful person. Your voice is amazing. I dont think no one can compare to you. The way you hit those high notes so soft and sweet. I wish i could sing like that. I love to sing. I sing everday. I may not be that good at it, but i love. It makes me happy when i sing. I know my voice will never get as good as yours. That wont stop me from doing it though. I just love you so!!

my inspiration | Reviewer: vanessa | 1/22/08

mariah...i think you're so amazing!
i love all of your music and anytime im sad or upset or even happy i listen to your cd's and it makes me feel so much better. I am a singer to, but im a little shy when it somes to singing infront of people. Im always told that i have a great voice, which is nice so wen i finally sing infront of an audience it will be one of your songs because i noe it will be a success! lol
your the best girl!
lovee ya xox

mcs the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

i love mariah carey so much im starting her own website at: http://groups.msn.com/MariahCareyFanClub/ and i hope if yall love her that yall will go there and sign up!

Mariah is a hasbeen | Reviewer: Tommy Motola | 12/31/07

It's over, she's done!....I so glad I dumped her
triflin ass!.....Mariah is a total scewball.
P.S If I want a good laugh I watch her movie Glitter....I heard that she was a real pain in the ass to work with during the filming of the movie....it really shows.

Mariah Carey | Reviewer: M.Vibol.C | 12/27/07

i wish.
but her music is really inspiring every song she sings relates to an event thats happened in her life, if it's either love or family or break-up or whatever, she sings songs about her experiences, she doesn't make things up like eg. Fergie or Britney WHO SUCK BIG TIME. And i am grateful Mariah has made it to the top, i'm happy for her she totally deserves it after a bad childhood. There's no one else like her and there never will be. Her music is one of a kind.

the no.fan of mariah carey | Reviewer: john michael barba | 12/8/07

first of all i love the voice of mariah carey because it is warm and tender,hence mariah carey is the superstar that hits whistle register which is d7...

GO MARIAH | Reviewer: RUSHY ALASAGAS | 12/6/07



Mariah Carey: Incredible Butterfly | Reviewer: Charli | 11/23/07

Mariah from what I have heard you have been through so much and still accomplished so many great things. It must have been hard through your childhood and relationship, yet you pulled through and pursued your goal until you made it. I admire and respect all of your efforts and am faithful that you will continue to flourish with ease into a not only beautiful, but free-spirited butterfly. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of the world and inspiring so many people's lives; you truly have inspired mine. God be with you always, a butterfly yet to find her wings, Charli

Mariah Carey's The Best | Reviewer: Holly | 11/18/07

Mariah's mixed and freakin gorgeous. I'm so jealous of all her...everything...awesome voice, super beautiful. I'm sorry tht she had to go through all that tough stuff when she was a kid. I'm like her biggest fan. She's the best singer ever! i can't wait until her new album comes out...in febuary? i think they moved the date back. But yeah, KEEP ON ROCKIN MARIAH!

you.re the bomb | Reviewer: Esther Emeh | 11/2/07

mariah carey,you.re the bomb.cause every thing about you is unique. you have so much associated with the white race i mean your hair skin colour and you sing like a black American woman am proud of you. i hope to be as great as you sooner or later. God help me. your voice is diamond. ride on.

an inspiration at times | Reviewer: glamor girl | 10/22/07

i love your music you are an inspiration to me keep up the good work and may god continue to bless you in the near future i have scrape book with all of your pics i collect you are my fav singer

I LOVE U | Reviewer: mariah | 10/17/07

I love mariah carey so much.
she is a really great singer she is the best!!
my name is also mariah.
I was named after her. love yah