hi mrs. MARIAH CAREY. :D | Reviewer: Marvin Guevarra | 10/12/14

since i hear your voice, i cant forget it, coz when i hear it..... its beautiful, good voice quality than other international diva, aside from that, it is also meaningful which gives me strenght to carry on, coz you are my hero........ for all the trials in my life, i cant forget the song through the rain. " and when the wind blows, as sahdows grows close, dont be afraid, theres nothing u cant face, and should they tell you, you'll never pull through, dont hesitate, stant tall and say..........I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THE RAIN, I CAN STAND UP ONCE AGAIN, ON MY OWN, AND I KNOW, THAT IM STRONG ENOUGH TO MEND, AND EVERYTIME I FEEL AFRAID, I HOLD TIGHTER TO MY FAITH, AND I LIVE, ONE MORE DAY, I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THE RAIN......" the way they copy your voice from the diva here in PHILIPPINES, i can say that theres something part, which is not good, i mean they cant copy your voice perfectly, unlike you, aside from a singer, but you are a best actress too... your so talented, i want to sing with, and thats enough for me to say!!!!! omg!! dreams came tru!!! is it real ????........ but i beleive that someday i will see you, and bonding together.. i really want to see you u in person, coz im ur biggest fan !!! ever !!!!

wow | Reviewer: vingle | 5/5/12

hello, yo my very long time idol, im always looking at your picture in different site just to view a pictures of you. you really make me proud of you, good job my sister, i hope i can see you in person, even just once, but can't cause i dont have money to travel there in your place, but hopefully i can soon, if someone will sponsor me to travel there. thank you my idol, you really inspired me. lovelots ( vingle ) (^_^)

I lv ya mariah i even made a tatoo of u in my arm,n i wish u cld read dis | Reviewer: Lil mimi -masego mtsweni 4rm south africa. | 1/27/12

Hi mariah i wish u all da bst 2 sing again since u got a lil baby's (monroe and moroccon)i knw evry song of u i've listened 2 all your song's they're gr8t and i wish dat u can cme 2 S.A cuz i havent seen you live wat i only saw is da music video's and i wish dat u could read this cus im your 1st and your last FAN even nick cannon i love u dog i even love your both movie's they're entertaining.i even call my self LIL MIMI my rap name bt i can rap like nicki minaj.looove u mariah MWAAAAH im giving you a big kiss im like marilyn monroe,and pass it 2 nick and your lil beautiful baby's.

19/11/2011 | Reviewer: LIL MIMI | 11/19/11

Mariah i really love u if u whr living in south africa i would hve allowed u 2 b my mum,i love all your song's and mvie's ryt nw im 14 yrs old and im grade 10,i lovd u since i was 12 yrs old in grade 8 i realy realy love u.wit dat song of up out my face>its nt cheaped whn i cracked oh we shattered.love ya and keep ur love stronger and stronger with nick cannon lv u n ur baby's 2.mwaaaaah,kisses 2 ya'll.

lupe ruiz | Reviewer: lupe ruiz | 11/2/10

hey mariah you are the best most talented person on earth. i just wanted to tell you that i love you as a person and admire you as a singer. i hope i can make it one day like you did. i also hope that one day i can have the opportunity to one day sing a song by your side. i want to thank you for being such an amazing person.....

respect | Reviewer: nate cellini | 10/15/10

Hey Mariah, i hope you read this because if you do, you'll know how much i love your music. your an amazing singer and you are really beautiful, nick is a very lucky guy. i listen to your music whenever i get the chance to. even if i don't know the song your singing ill still listen to it just because i know its you singing. if i ever meet you one day, it will be one of the greatest honors ever. i have a lot of respect for you because as long as i've known of you, i've never heard you or of you saying anything bad about anyone, that's a great thing. your an amazing artist. i really hope to hear from you. later

beautiful,popular and so talented go girl | Reviewer: fyana | 6/25/10

to me mariah ur songs r so hot,sexy and great ur generously my #1 favourite R&B singer and the way u sing these songs makes me want fall in love and ur so beautiful wen u r in ur videos especially wen ur screaming and to me i wonder how the hell u can do that but for now i'm working on my scream to b just like u mariah if u wonder who am i my name is A
lexis from Guyana,GEORGETOWN

the best singer in history | Reviewer: nikki | 4/12/10

i think mariahcarey is the smartest,bravest,generous,pretty person i have ever seen she inspires me with her quotes and every single songs she writes it means alot to me cause thats almost happening in my life... i love u mariah carey never stop writing songs u the best!:)

Okay with me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

I have seen the movie Glitter and I don't have one negative comment to make about it.

Pretty cool the way she feel in love with "Dice". Anyways, if I had to label the movie, I would give it a B.

Awesome Mariah Carey[; | Reviewer: Kiira Perez<3 | 3/10/10

i Thinkk Glitter Was A Great Movie Whoo Are These Negative People To Say It Was Awful. Thats Is Really Mest'd Up Andd They Need Too Shut There Mouth Well, I Just Wanted To Say That And I lOVE YOU Mariahh Careyy Youurr My Hero;)

Inspired by NEVER TO FAR | Reviewer: renee | 2/23/10

I just watched the movie Glitter for the first time and also read the Review for this movie. Although this movie received not so highly revies. I was inspired by this movie. I lost my only child to Breast Cancer who was well accomplished as an Attorney and many other talents.
"Never too far" touched my heart and I belive anyone who have sufferd a loss of someone so special to them could also find inspiration from this movie and especially the song "Never to Far". Maria I give you five stars for this movie and highly disagree with the review this movie received. "I LOVE YOU MARIA" and I thank you for the inspiration you gave me. Renee

i love mariah carey | Reviewer: Brandon Pead | 12/10/09

0mg!!hey im Brandon from South Africa and still waiting 4 mimi to cme and host a concert here....my favourite album must be MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL and i loved the movie glitter and the music!!i dnt knw whats up with the people coz i loved it...!.!

Job well Done | Reviewer: crystal middleton | 11/5/09

I just wanted to take the time to tell u how great u are and that I love you.I really enjoy the "I wanna know what love is" remake. You really have inspired the younger generation and the older generation as well.Once again thank you.

I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!! | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 11/1/09

i love your music MC you are my idol you are the person that I look up to and I love you and your songs. I am your number 1 fan. I'm 12 yrs old and I love all your songs. Especially up out my face and ribbon. It would mean really much to me if you wrote back or something like that. I might even faint.
I love you. Please write back.

julia<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/09

hey lil momma i thank your so amazing!
your probably the prettiest person i have everrr seen in my life.
i no your not going to read this it would be my dream if you could read it.
i think im probably your bigest fan!
your so awsome i love you so much!
stay pimpin!
love ya girly!<3