A piece of art. | Reviewer: Mae Rago | 1/6/13

Thank you for creating this song, Mariah Carey. You don't know how many souls you lifted up just by making this one and I think this song is a masterpiece. Not only the lyrics is inspiring but how you deliver it shows so much emotions that truly goes deep inside our hearts. You are one great artists, MCC. May God bless you, the twins and Nick. Lambs are so grateful to have you.

great | Reviewer: jen | 11/19/08

good job mimi i luv this song. you can really hear all the effort that you put into making and singing this song. congrats. live your truly #1 fan in the whole entire world. you know that we had to do a report on our favorite artist and i chose you!!! keep doing what your doing. so God bless you!!! with sincerety your #1 FAN

One of the few remainig wonderful songs in the century | Reviewer: Jim Austin | 2/3/08

Indeed, "My Saving Grace" is a work of a lifetime. A very good song for those who have undergone thick times in their lives. Very inspirrational, very good, indeed. Congratulations, Mariah. Go on.

My saving Grace is magical! | Reviewer: AnNisa Lakeyshaa Slaughter | 6/22/07

Ever since I heard MY SAVING GRACE i have bee doing great! I dumped both of my boyfriends and then i felt lonely but when i heard the song again i actually feel great about being single and now i can stick to more better things like school and becoming a singer and if they (paperizza) ask who imspired me to sing i will and proudly can say MAREY CAREY!!! I am 12 and your number one fan i love you MARIAH!!!!!!!!

My Saving Grace is a great and wonderful song | Reviewer: Annisa | 5/7/07

nnisa Lakeysha Slaughter (A-ne-suh) (la-key-sha) (slaw-ter)