Love takes Time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/10

I love this song!!!!..It does really takes time to heal...Healing is a process...that can never be done overnight..I dont know till wen I can fully set myself free from pain & longing...BUT then again..I have to stand what I had finally let it go!!! :-). If He will comes back to me..then it is meant to be..if not..then God has better plans for both of us..

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/10

This song is one song everybody can relate to.It brings home the truth that it takes time to heal,when you have been heartbroken.I can't help but cry whenever i hear this song inspite of that,i love the song.It moves me in a way i can't put into words.

Mariah is my IDOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/10

Say whatever you like, Mariah has come a long way to make it to the top. Her composition. Her spirit. All her something to write home about. 'Love Takes Time' is just one of her best. Mariah continue to reach the hearts of many. I can't wait to have more of you!

cath | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/10

.._i love this song because every time i hear this song..i remember those things that made me feel sad and made me feel alone..!!i also like it because its telling me that it takes time when to fade away the pain and hurt that we are experiencing..its exactly true that love takes time..!!!

ECHUSA :] | Reviewer: cute | 11/29/09

i love this song very much.....and i love mariah too.. but, i still remember how Mariah insulted our VERY OWN regine velasquez!but past is past!many pilipino today are well known in singing("INTERNATIONALY")! like charise and arnel pineda! so......., whos the monkey?! and regine is a good singer too.... she is my real IDOL..... because for me, a real idol will not tell anything that can hurt everyone's feeling :]!

call me crazy/kelly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/09

this song really meant so much to husband cheated on me at one point, and it nearly killed me! everytime i listen to mariah's song it gives me the strength to forgive! i thought that when love dies, it can never be revived! but guess husband loved me now much stronger than ever! this particular song keeps me alive and hopeful that this will never happen again! mariah you're my idol, and i dont care what they say about you being a racist, i think you're a genius! you really make people fall in love again, through your song you really showed me what love is all about!!!

If only | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/09

I've always been a fan of Mariah since i was a little girl, not exactly able to relate to her songs, but it's the true emotions that she is able to convey which is incredibly powerful. And now that I feel just like this, it hurts terribly to listen to the song, yet I can't help listerning to it over and over. If only I could sing like her, and he would hear it...

know the feeling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/09

i know exactly how dat feels and the part bout hurting so much. ive never been in so much pain before in my entire life. me and my bf had to break up because of complications it was so unfair. listening to dat song makes me cry everytime but i love listening and singing along to it. i for sum odd reason always feel a tiny tiny bit better after that.

So... | Reviewer: copy | 7/10/09

Mariah never mentioned things like Filipinos are monkeys she never compared herself to the singer regine? I think this is just one crazy tactic of regine so people would talk about her, both are good singers by the way and have legion of fans with them

love this song too much! | Reviewer: icorf | 6/9/08

oh wow!..this song is my most favorite from her!..coz' her voice here is very powerful and this song is very very great for me!!! i always listened it almost everyday!!!..i can't stop to listen this song! i love mariah too and all of her songs!

i love mc! | Reviewer: ibonne | 1/4/08

i love this song and i also love mariah carey she has been my idol since ive been a very little girl! i love all the music she writes. She is truely the best!

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! | Reviewer: Caprice | 12/14/07


Mariah IS NOT racist. Sheesh, your so gullible. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

taken from

Does Mariah hate Asians? As an Asian-American, when people find out that I'm a Mariah fan, they tell me that Mariah is racist against Asians. Is this just a rumor or did something happen in the past that I didn't know about the leads people to believe Mariah is prejudice to Asians?

As a multi-racial person, Mariah has received criticism and prejudice in her life for her own racial background, so it's absurd to think that she would be racist against any group of people. However, there is a reason some people believe Mariah is prejudice to Asians. In 2000, a certain tabloid published an article saying that Mariah called Asian singer Regine Valesquez "a brown monkey who can't sing" in an interview she supposedly did with MTV personality Donita Rose. However, not only have Mariah's representatives denied these claims, but Donita herself expressed her disappointment over the whole ordeal. "I am saddened that I have been chosen to be implicated in this sorry affair," she told The Philippine Star. "The said article claims that international superstar Mariah Carey made a derogatory remark when asked to comment on our own Regine Velasquez during an interview I supposedly conducted for MTV Asia. This alleged interview never took place except in the fertile minds of people who have not bothered to check their facts and made me an unwitting party to a distressing situation," she explained. "Not having been present during the said 'interview', I have no comments to make on what was or was not said by Ms. Carey," stressed Donita. So in conclusion, Mariah absolutely does not hate the Asian race. In fact, she's quite intrigued by them and loves touring Asia and part-taking in its culture!

yeah it's great | Reviewer: Raymund Sakiwat | 11/7/07

i love the songs of mariah carey, but i don't think she has a good attitude.... because i still remember how mariah put regine velasquez(asia's songbird) down. Imagine how mariah say's "monkey can sing" to regine....
she'd a great singer, yes, but he insulted her co-singer from the philippines... Remember, we, Filipino's are not monkey and many of us are now international singers.

sasha | Reviewer: sasha | 11/5/07

Hey i don't really know what to say...when i was a kid i would sit there in my living room with headphones on, completely zoned out from the world, and would sing out to an empty room. She has always been an insperation to me. this song rocks!!