1 of ma favourite song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/14

i brock up wt ma bf. aftr he blocked me on watsapp n put his new gf as his p.p. bt now um happy coz i hv a new bf. he loves m, respect n care for me. i love yew bb YAMKELA MXHEGO

love takes time to heal | Reviewer: oneliseka | 10/2/13

i knw its been a little time we are together bt to me it means million years,bt i cant escape the pain inside,i knw its nt easy for both of us,i knw deep inside ur heart there is still love for me,and i love you too,this pain inside my heart will take time to heal.you were everything to me.the happiness that you brought into my life was all i ever wanted.bt its k

Sive | Reviewer: Ongezwa. | 8/30/13

Yeah i knw n im strongly that lv takes time 2 heal, especial 2 sm1 u spent almost the rest of ur life, u alwys cry n dnt knw hw 2 stop tear falln down, js mc him i jst wish God can gv us second chance 2 prove our relaxship again..lv takes tym 2 heal real..

Missing love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/13

U promicd 2 lv me, u prmcd nvr 2 cht on me,u prmcd nvr 2 leave bt ol thz prmc were false prmses,wat hpnd 2 da lv dat u prmcd 2 gv me? U knw dat i dn't 1na b here alne nd i cn't escape da pain inside,u r da 1 who made me b.lv inlv nw dat u gne wat am i expected 2 b.lv in?LUNGISA,STEVE,MNCANYANA TSHAZI y can't u see dat NANDIPHA or ANDISIWE QUMBA truly lvs u?

we wil concur evryfn tru lav | Reviewer: slomo | 4/20/13

Nkule mtshali.. We have had it rough my angel bt we both know dat 1 learns from mistakes nd pick ourselves up...
It realy hurt me whn u sent me an sms telin me u playin this song it made me realise you cant be in this alone...
I love you so much...

monchuza francinah | Reviewer: koketso mogano | 3/30/13

tumiso madisha my manindeed i love u dis lovable song makes me see wer we cum from cuz love takes time i dnt wanna be here alone be wth me mba ke mma kearabilwe ur loving child our child faith

miss you | Reviewer: rahul singh dhanik | 3/31/13

there is no second chance in life, i should have know that but time wont let me go...i was wrong, i have treated you as granted but numb the love, care, respect are always thr... i know i am late...but please .. time can heal all wounds but not this one the scar remains because the time we spent, the love we shared and gave to each other, the way you have touched my life..i have many reasons... so please stay..it wont happen again... please come back.. yours thepu... miss you in every heart beat...

Brkn love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/13

I'v lst sm1 dat i trly lv nd am brkn inside coz i cn't escp da pain inside,lungisa u tot me hw 2 smile,u tot me hw 2 laugh,u tot me hw 2 lv u bt wen u lft me u nvr tot me hw 4gt u nd i wndr why am fllng dwn nd cold tryng 2 blv dat u gn,bby plz come back 2 plz plz plz.

Surely,lùv takes time to heal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/13

My bf broked up wit me jan 1 2010, n is just been hard for me to move on in life again.til than,i am still loving him 'cus he's my heartstream.losing him is what i can't accept in my heart n mind.thanks so much MC for this great song; Love Takes time to heal when u're hurtin so much.

not letting go no matter what | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/13

i dont wanna lose him-wanta to everthing to keep the one man who makes me strong,makes me believe in love n in myself.never loved a man this much bt he takes it for granted treats me anyhow b still ,i don wanna let go cz i dont want to hurt or lose him or let go.....

Mariah cary | Reviewer: Xabendlini mkhuseli | 2/11/13

Sisanda swana from casino i just met you last year bt i couldnt talk to you!! I couldn't even try i was shocked and confused if angels are also walk in noon and i bealive that!! even knw i'm still having that crush of last year you left me with un fixed mark in my heart and ilove you more the word love i'm totaly into you!! Mariah cary just gave me words i couldn't tell i just want you to knw that from this crazy world of peaple full of betrayal and false love !! I'm here to make you feel what you want to feel ilove you!!

I'm very quite happy | Reviewer: Onke | 2/8/13

Hey i'm onke ntsevu i just lost my love of my life xabendlini mkhuseli and i never be me again since that day we broke up and i'm pleasing you my Bby come back i just cnt blv that u gone bt love takes time to heal (cryng)

I cnt let go of u SANELE | Reviewer: Zama | 12/28/12

It hard 2 b.lv dt you're gone,i cnt escape d pain insyd ma hrt Sanele,i nid u n my lyf plz bby cm bck in2 my lyf wtht u my lyf z hard.plz bby i knw u stl wants me 2 and i also mic u.

Wow i lv this song,mariah carrey thnk so much for this wondrful msc | Reviewer: Ongezwa | 12/16/12

Realy luv takes tym.we just broked my boy4rnd Tamy,i waz feeling like lossing ma mind i realy cant escape this pain.Tamy plz came back 2 my heart,we missed u especialy ur son alwayz asked u.plz we stil nid u

Lord have mercy | Reviewer: Annonymous | 11/18/12

Yeah dats true love takes time to heal, we just broked with ma bf of 3yrs i feel like im lossng my mind, i realy cant esacape this pain. Vele plz come back to my heart wher u belong i know u miss me to and i pray God to help us find our way again. Tnx mc