lovly | Reviewer: Gracie | 12/24/13

Hey Mariah,yo song stil rocx.i lv the way u sing,& all the joy that comes with listening to you sing.that lovely music can save a soul& prepare u a crown in heaven.don giv up!!!!!!!

hulo | Reviewer: anthony paa-kay mckybarf | 12/6/13

i heard this song for the first time thr3 days ago and i just cant stop listening. Songs like this accentuates your appreciation for the greatest gift of love ever bestowed upon mankind. Tnx MARIAH.

Our review for Jesus Born On This Day lyrics | Reviewer: elementary school: GMIM 9 Manado Indonesia | 10/31/13

Hy... how enjoying and be blessing listenning and singing this song! May God give you more tallent and great performance to the glorry of GOD.Love from all the student and teacher, SD GMIM 9 Manado (elemantary school) INDONESIA.

Spritual dance for chrismas play | Reviewer: rabounska | 11/15/12

ive heard the song and today ive listern to it and it convinced me that it was the perfect song to dance for our chrismas play. I love the song,and i agree on every word written in the song.
Beautifull song.

Prince... | Reviewer: Prince | 5/22/08

This song is so deply...i can't believe, because first time in my life i thinking so deply about Christmas the I listen this song...Peoples, listening this song together and everyone thinking about yourself an Jezus..This amazing Mariah...tahnks

Love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/07

My daughter's school choir have been singing this song every year for the past 3 or 4 years. I love this song heard it on the radio for the first time last week. Now finding out it belongs to Mariah.... shocking since she is not one of my favourite singers. Still LOVE it.

A Blessed surprised | Reviewer: Danny | 12/25/07

I've been hearing this song for years . I thought that it came from an established Gospel singer like Sandi Patti . I was truely Blessed on hearing that it came from you. I hope you did not sing it as a genre but that you were touched by His good news of salvation. Again I am truely Blessed by your lyrics

Touched My Heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/07

I'll be 58 years old Christmas Eve, not quite the age group for a Mariah fan. When I heard this song for the first time today, it touched me so deeply that the first thing I had to do was find out who was singing it and what was the song. Thank you Mariah.

hello! | Reviewer: Bridgette Fritts! | 12/15/07

i love this song i actually have a solo for this song!i am singing it for my church musical!its very exciting and i love to sing.i wish i could be able to sing with you some day.i have been told by alot of people i have a very beautiful voice.=]send me a message please.=]

your fan,
Bridgette Kyree Fritts!

Mariah Carey | Reviewer: Oldry Leunupun | 11/30/07

I love yOu Mariah Carey
I Love yOur sOng
thiS is so beaUtifUL
I Like this sonG
yOu are mY faVoRite aRtist in the Earth
God bLess yOu


hi | Reviewer: wilshany anesca | 5/27/07

hey i love this song u wrote it sounds so good i wish i could make a song with u cause i could sing but later please send me an message
your fan
wilshany anesca