I did belive,nt anymor | Reviewer: Keitumetse | 6/25/11

I did believe,now i no lnger care.whats the use of believin in somethin that wil neva hapen,let go n move on,somethin better wil always be w8in 4 u at da ada syd...he duznt knw wat he is missin out on...anyways,the song still touches my heart.

Someday..Sweetheart..someday | Reviewer: Jayb | 6/14/11

Love u Mariah for talking for those of us who go through lotsa pain when apart from our loved ones,not because we wnted 2 bt because u hav 2respect the decisions of those leave...but that strength we get by believing gives us hope that someday,we'l swalow our pride,put evrythang behind us,be together again,start over and make new memoriez...Pam honey,i kno u might never get to see this,bt i stil believe that somday ul realize that you are the center of my world,and i've alwayz loved u ever since i 1st saw you,loved u when we got together,and stil love u when yo gone..

someday sweetheart..someday | Reviewer: JayB | 6/15/11

love you Mariah for talking for those of us who've gone through lotsa pain because we're separated from those we love and care about,not because we chose to but because we have to respect the decisions of those who leave us.But the strength we get from believing in love gives us hope,that someday,swallow our pride,put everything behind us,start over and be together again,make new memories...Pam honey,i know you might never get to see this but I hope that someday you'll realize that yo the center of my world,that I've alwayz loved you from the very first time I saw you,I loved you when we got together,and I still love you when yo gone.And all the things that you never got to understand about me will be clear....nothing's gonna change my love for you ever and hope that we'll fall in love again baibe..

Im stil hoping | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/11

The song just digs deep inside my heart n realy makes me cry,coz im stil hoping that me n him wil get bak 2gether again...we both stil young n hav already been thru so much 2gether...i stil love u like before Ronald,n im hoping that someday we'l be in our home like we used 2 say!!

One day we will be together | Reviewer: Emmyali | 6/3/11

This song, really touched my heart, and whenever i listen to this track, tears always roll from my eyes and the song always remine me of how i first felt in love LENGZY whom i always dream that one day we will be together. This is the most greatest of all emotional song. Long live CAREY

I'm taken! | Reviewer: Tumelo | 3/17/11

I'm taken by the words of this song and i just dont know what to say. However,it elevates memories which were long buried but at times reality hits you and then you wish you could turn the heads of time. I just love the songs nothing behind it. the words are well arranged! Much love Carey

I Still Believe | Reviewer: Syu | 1/6/11

this song gives me strength to fight, I want to believe that he will return, although I often give up, and convinced that all this is just a stupid, and although you do not hear me you now, but I want to say that I will love and wait you all my life

09/09/2010 | Reviewer: Kristine Joy San Jose | 9/9/10

I love him so much and i miss him. we were together for a while and that was a good time and like every other couple we had our ups and down.for best artist for me mariah carey i love u so much mariah.

Would my believe ever realized someday in future? | Reviewer: TsaRy | 9/2/10

I like the sentence from Izzy...

"The thing that sucks is that im still in love with him but he moved on."

Ya, he moved on... But what left inside me after the relationship ended? I had no more tears from my eyes now.. But the feeling is worse when we don't have any tears.. I hope to create a legend, legend of us... Our love story, our song...

You think that I wouldn't feel the same, but time melts into NOTHING, and NOTHING is changed!!
I LOVE YOU....<3

Omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/10

I fell in love with this guy wen I was 15 and unfortunately moved away to America. 9 yrs later, I went back to Jamaica and end up finding him. We've been married for a year now... Dreams do come true.. ♥

the greatest love song.. | Reviewer: Nisha | 5/17/10

i love this song,not just becoz mariah..there is story behind it,,i meet a guy at high school..we both know each other feeling,,but,,we never talk about it..till someday i moved to other town,,since then,,i realize he is the one for me,,but we just far away,,we meet again 4 years later,,at that time..he explain all his feeling to me..i can`t wonder a guy like him can keep that love for me for a long time..the feeling more deeper than ever..i can`t stand another minute without him..just pray everyday.anf,,he is the answer to all my pray...

this song touch me so much,,i just can`t hold my tears....

God will helf u as the way u did | Reviewer: Waleed Abdul | 5/1/10

Maria carey
i realy like this song
cos it is my hole life.
Some time when i sat listining of it tears start rolling down from my eyes
it is the only song that make me recall my first love and last.
Maria you are so great to me i love you with all my heart.

I still believe, one day you and me... | Reviewer: Dave | 2/3/10

This is definitely my favourite mariah song, i just feel this passion and magic when she sings it. "If we believe that true love, never has to end, then we must know that we will love again" She really makes you want to believe...

one of the most amazing songs i hav ever heard | Reviewer: Tari2 | 11/28/09

one of the most amazing songs i hav ever heard in my whole life...

i cant listen 2 it once without gettin at least a tear (n usually many more tears)

im so in love with u... i know our differences drove us apart... but i knowthat u love me as much as i love u... n u know that i would die 4 u...

u will always b my girl... n i will always dream of fallin in love again... with u... n make u fall in love with me like u did...

i cant live without the hope of lovin u again... i can not go on without u... i just love u more than all the words can say

this is my favorite part of the song:

"If there’s one spark of hope left in my grasp, I'm holding it with both

It’s worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance

If we believe that true love never has to end
Then we must know that we will love again"

with these amazing words n Mariah voice n the way she sings them... this part breaks my heart beyond words

but i still believe... someday u n me... will find ourselves in love again...

i love u Atheer... i love u so much...

make me so sad | Reviewer: spoon | 10/20/09

when i hear that song, im sad because nobody loves me and i could not find a nice girl who want to live wit me. i have no friends and my life is so bad that i think one of these days to make suicide...