fabulous | Reviewer: playa101 | 3/21/11

Well, I am proud to be the first reviewer. Mariah, your voice isn't what it used to be, is what people say, but nope, your voice has the same rich clear ring in it, you've just changed your style. And that's good. You have to experiment sometimes. I stay in love is a nice song. Lucky you, god answered all your prayers. God must have something really big in store for you if he wanted the whole wolrd to know about you. You are a true gift... I love you so much. It seems awkward cus u don't know me, but you will, patienly ill see you in heaven. God bless. Please reply, ill kill my self if you don't, no im kidding, but please do. Don't let your fans down. Without us, you wouldn't be where you are now, so take the time to do the little things and reach out to random fans. I know... your only human..lol, love ya much