I felt so lonely living alone and under a lot of pressure having to pay rent for a room that was not even at its standard, so i fell down when my fiancee came online he told me send me copy of your passport and i will buy your ticket to come here so, i went to morocco to be with him and he told me mariah carey will come to morocco do you want to see her i jumped at the chance as i was not much of an addict to her but now seeing her alive changed my mind about her she is the only women in this world that is an inspiration to me like my mother, then months later after spending time with him i flew back to england and i was not in the uk 24hrs before i was arrested and took to court and slammed in prison for 5 months for something that was not even my fault. and now i came across this song and now i exploded into tears :)

A friend in need | Reviewer: RANY | 11/20/12

I used to be shy═Á reserved & introvert....hurt by the bullies & scared to be bullied.....then someone came to my life....that person helped me a lot to overcome my problems & of the advises i got from the person to listen songs of MC....HERO..I AM FREE..WHEN YOU BELIEVE..THROUGH THE I am happier person than what i used to I understand what are the meanings of JOY..CHEER..HAPPPYNESS...........THANK YOU MARIAH.......I am indebt to you

JesusLoveUs | Reviewer: Khem Oliver | 11/1/12

Its my first time to listen to this song, it light my fire again, it gives me inspiration to hold on and Stand again for my dreams... the songs of Mariah Angela Carey really inspires one of us.
Thank you Lord for sending her here on earth,Thank You Lord for using her to inspire people who loses Hope and courage and self confident and even in self-believe.... Specially to You LORD JESUS i bow down my life to you, Thank You So Much... I LOVE YOU LORD!!!

heard it for the firs time and liked it a lot :] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/08

ive heard this song today for the first time after feeling so alone because at school i feel like a ghost, no one ever talks to me but this song and all of maria's song always make me feel good.. specially through the rain, hero and one sweet day :')

Love this song. | Reviewer: Ashleigh | 12/13/07

I used to come home from school everyday to listen to this song to make me feel better after I was being bullied and made fun of by other kids. I tell you, it helped me so much. It's so beautiful. It's like I am forever indebted to Mariah for the amazing music she puts out. lol <3