01/02/14 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/14

this song is so very beautiful to hear,and every time i hear this song i become very very happy,so THANK YOU VERY MUCH MARIAH CARRY

Mariah <3 | Reviewer: Night Winds | 3/13/14

When I first heard this song...it really touched my heart....it literally pulled me away from the darkness, and brought me back to life, gave me hope and faith. It completely changed my views my inner self...and so much more.

So thank you Mariah. I am so happy that you were born and spread your legacy and work of beautiful art with all of us.

l love Hero song and always repeating it. | Reviewer: fajemifo Abiodun | 1/5/14

infact mariah carey is the best female singer in the whole world.for that hero song,the song is uncompareable. I love the girl she is very hardworking and beautiful.infact when l read her biography i know that God purposely create her for the purpose of other humanbeing to use music to change their life to goodone, also inspire their emotional feeling to a good inspiration.Abey Nigeria.

The Song that melt hearts | Reviewer: aida liyagon | 11/27/13

i just love the song...The meaning is just touching to the heart that can inspire anyone who is down to stand up once again and start believing that God is just giving challenges to test our faith to Him...The singer/performer is also God's instrument to convey his message of courage to his people....May everyone be awakened and never to give up again..coz everyone can be a hero!!!

A song beyond words.... | Reviewer: Sampee | 11/18/13

A song when I was away from friends and family, happiness and joy, search for living in rural and desperately seperated enivironment. Hero was just more than a song when I needed comfort while alone. Mariah has made me self confident that I'll never feel lonely while alone. Sampee......

researched song for recognition | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/12

it was trully awesome!thanks for this inspirational song!i will always remind my self about this song especially when i'm having problems ang difficulties in my life!this song makes me feel special when i feel so depressed.thank you so much!

i love this song so much! | Reviewer: Emily Park | 2/22/12

this song is one of the best songs i've heard! Like Adele's someone like you and rolling in the deep, or Alicia Key's No one and if i aint got you, Jessie J's price tag, Lady Gaga's Bron this way, Beyonce's Halo and irreplaceable ( and so much more cause she's awesome! ) and lots of Hannah Montana's song! i also luv Hero so much! My mom likes it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all i want for christmas is you!!!!!!!!!!! i love Mariah Carey! All of her songs are meaningful!!

The song is impeccable | Reviewer: Justina | 10/19/11

Mariah,in her song,"Hero" unleashed a soul lifting,joy stirring,hope bringing and optimism undeniable lyrics.Each moment i feel like letting go,i quickly find myself drawing strength and being resuscitated by this song.I pray i'll be chosen and also emerge the best even as i opt for it in Nigerian Idols.I love u,Mariah.You are a blessing to our posterity

why i like this song so much | Reviewer: zoe | 2/7/11

i love this song because it is nice and thoughtfull . and it actually mke you feel like it means something i listen to this when i waz at my antie funeral and it actually made me think how much i loved this sonn xx ps i love this songg xxxxx

Hero | Reviewer: J@N!qUe3n | 1/14/11

i really love this song because not only it encourages me to be a great hero, but to inspire me to try my best so that i can have a better voice just like this beautiful girl:Mariah Carey
it's one of the very best song in my life...
i love listening to it when im bored or mad because it gives me brilliant thoughts...
this is why i should always pick Mariah as my favorite artist or singer...
i thank this girl for such a wonderful song...
it always changes the way i feel...
i love Mariah's version:"oh holy night!!!" *_*

my heroin is you carey | Reviewer: sentman | 12/10/10

this song is just more than a song its a song that has caried people from one level to another
am a witness carey a testimony is me am singing this song in a concert courtesy carey
i love you carey and God bless you

Best DIVA in the world. . | Reviewer: Iren | 12/3/10

I love this song. .
Give me sPirit . .n' make me smile everyday..
This wonderful song..this song make me always full inspiration n' enjoy way to my life. .
N' Mariah Carey she have a beutiful voice. .
She beauty n sexy..
Dont forget say thanks for the LORD. .for your wonderful life that u have gave to u. .
Love u mariah carey

I luv it | Reviewer: Becky | 5/20/10

Infact mariah carey is angel sent down from heaven to send the message in the song. This song has taught me never 2 lose hope on myself no matter the situation, and that Hero lies in me if am determine to carry on and determine to be strong that i will make it in life. Thanks carey i love u.

i love this song | Reviewer: kiara | 5/7/10

i mean sure this is a old song but this is a old song that will be carryed with us for the rest of our lives! i MA a hero and i have the voice and the body to be a hero you and i are a hero changing the world a person at a time love you carey even doe you might never read this i love you and respect this song and you..... sign thanxs !!!!!!!!! <<<333 <3

HERO | Reviewer: Sazsy | 5/8/10

i like hero song by mariah carey, that song encourage me n give me spirit in my life.. i love mariah carey very much,she's grace,pretty,sexy and has amazing voice that unexplainable
she is the one of the best diva in the world like celine dion, unfortunately when she came to my country indonesia,i didnt have chance to saw her beautiful performance,
mariah..when u come to indonesia anymore? i always waiting u
by sazsy