hero | Reviewer: samantha | 5/20/07

i good at this song i gunna sing it at my sister wedding song for her and husband to dance i feel to happy that they ask me xxx

wata tune | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

av bin teld am nt a bad singer bt a fink am rank...lv singin dis song u cnt elp t sing along wiv it...its a r8yt minta

Inspiration | Reviewer: June ann | 5/11/07

i listen to this song anytime i'm depress and it helps..i love singing it...keep up the good job... my favorite out of all the songs Mariah has....inspire more people..true reality..thanks alot

Omg! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

Omg i really really love your song! Its the best that i've heard in a while.....I heard it @ my school at a talent show n i fell in love with it. Your such an amazing singer n i love u n ur songs so much!



it is the best of the worst | Reviewer: bob | 5/9/07

This is the worst cheesy song. Anyone who likes this song leads a pathetic life. Anyone who sings this song in public should be locked away. Life is much better than this song. You shouldn't need a cheaseball song like this to pick you up. The singing is lame.

I like to sing this song alone at home because it is so aweful. It makes me laugh and very happy.

Next up would be that wind beneath my wings song.

My Daughter | Reviewer: Michelle | 5/7/07

My daughter said "Mom this is your song." She downloaded the song for me. I listen to it everyday it gives me that little extra boost, I need. My daughter and myself have been through alot. This song means alot!

inspire | Reviewer: nakato aminah | 5/2/07

i love this song so much in fact even the artist. it is one of ma favourate songs on ma menu.THIS song takes away ma inferiority whenever i lesten to it MARIA keep up

disin : not cool | Reviewer: alisha | 4/27/07

the curse words in the song was sooo uncalled for. mariah carey would nener do a song like that how could someone dis mariah like that!?!

wow | Reviewer: =] | 4/26/07

mmm whoever wrote "in a thong"
& "and go into my vagina"
really isn't cool at all. that's
retarded & there's no need for it.
how immature can you be? it's not

WRONG | Reviewer: Deanna | 4/24/07

There is no swearing.. and she doesn't say "then a hero comes along in a thong"

Great but... | Reviewer: Melly | 4/21/07

LOVE this song, but why are there really sick phrases added in these lyrics? Like "f**k" and "in a thong"? Who's the sicko who added those...

thank "Hero" | Reviewer: Moonlight | 4/5/07

i love Hero that song 's very nice ,it's lyric that make me feel the life beautyful ,thank Hero ,Mariah Carey

WRONG | Reviewer: megan | 4/1/07

There is no swearing in the song, at the beginning, i thought this site was good for lyrics, but i was wrong, im going to find another site, hopeless!

The amazing song | Reviewer: Ahmed | 2/27/07

mariah is the greatest singer in the world .Thank u Mariah Carey.

OMG | Reviewer: carla | 2/18/07

wooo dis is da best song and i am singin dis song at school