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------ performed by Mariah Carey

MARIAH CAREY! | Reviewer: leah | 7/26/07

i love mariah carey songs shes da bomb! anyway any one want to no y shes not sining anymore?

well if u do this is how it starts. well mariah carey isnt singing anymore bcoz she lost her voice! i feel sorry that shes not singing anymore bcoz i loved her songs and her voice! i g2g so bye hope u all have fun later?! so BYE p.s i love mariah

Great song | Reviewer: Tilly | 7/15/07

This is one of the most brillant song in the unibverse i cheers my up when i am down i agree with every one who loves her

Hero by mariar is the song to listern to.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

mariar carey you are the one that we want all days long cos you music is all we need to put us moving....we love you in africa you are the one that makes thigs happy...........mariar we love you in africa

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Lindsey | 7/6/07

I loved this song from the very moment i heard it and its really easy to sing along to which is great. Lately the song has taken on a greater meaning for me as my nan is dying of cancer and the lyrics now sound so fitting and perfect for me and my family. i would love to be able to sing this song for her as it is just a beautiful song and one that can mean so very much for anyone. Mariah really sings this amazingly and she really does the words justice.

I love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

It is so greatly song! especialy played by Mariah Carey, I realy realy love it and the way of her on this song.

OMG!!! | Reviewer: Hanny | 7/3/07

I absolutely adore this song and theres no-one else better to sing it than Mariah shes just a woderful woman! There are definately no faults what so ever, just wow, I couldn't really idolise this amazing woman any more if i tried!!

I love this song | Reviewer: Tania | 7/2/07

This song is so good that sometimes it just makes me cry....... Even though it's not really sad................

De best song eva...x | Reviewer: Baby shii | 6/29/07

Dis song is d best eva cnt beleive i can sing dis....i wish mariah carey can hear me 1 daii...x

i love it | Reviewer: charlotte | 6/23/07

mi frend died nd dis song was played at er funerl i miss er sooo much ive ad dis song on mi fone ever since i sing in front of da hole skool fank u bbe il never forget uuuu. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

omg best song of hers ever! | Reviewer: Elisa | 6/18/07

She is an amazing singer! Unlike all of her other songs, I don't have to scream to get that high note is the best song she has done!

Hero - Mariah Carey | Reviewer: DesinyCalypso | 6/10/07

Here!! Listen to it on youtube! I've watched this Five times already and I think I'm ruing out of tissues from ti XD I LOVE YOU MARIAH!!!

GREAT SONG!! | Reviewer: KARIM | 6/9/07


hiya! my names evie! n im singer in pubz and bars! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/07

omg it waz amazon readin and singin along to this lyk!
!yeha! shez a bit of a lyk but i love the song!
hopefully one day il be lyk her onli nat lukin lyk her :P! x-0-x

the best song | Reviewer: briauny | 5/23/07

girl you can blow on you songs and it make me wanna crie

just a reminder | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

mariah carey has an extremely b-e-a-utiful voice.she is very talented and pretty keep doing what you know best mariah.

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