Hero | Reviewer: Aisha | 3/19/10

Infact mariah carey is angel sent down from heaven to send the message in the song. This song has taught me never 2 lose hope on myself no matter the situation, and that Hero lies in me if am determine to carry on and determine to be strong that i will make it in life. Thanks carey i love u.

a song of my life | Reviewer: arbiansyah adi pratama | 2/10/10

deeply touch.I always 'cry' when everytime I heard this song alone at my bed,when I got upset,and when I think about all the things throws at me.so here Im,a hero inside me is when I have a strength enough to face up the world cheerfully.that's the point...I guess so,n I hope so...coz doing all the lyric's sentences is not as easy as I thought before.when you handle ur trouble well.you'd say 'congratz' to yourself.just like what I did

YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! | Reviewer: Jonelle | 12/30/09

I love this song.This song meaans everything to me.The song writer who wrote this song Mariah Carey i love you u are the one whoinspire me to sing.Becauze of u im not afair o anything or anyone!!Iuse to take singing lesson cause i thought i cant sing but now im thebest singer in my family!!!!!!I want to thank u 4 every thing and i hope u have a HAPPY NEW YEARS WHEN IT COMES.

Hope | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

I was asked to learn this song and sing it at a single adult dance. I had never heard it before and when I found it on the internet I realized the person who asked me to learn it was not only helping others to feel comfort who have been throgh divorce but me also when she heard me always blameing myself and feeling like I'm nothing.

beautiful | Reviewer: nelllsz | 11/29/09

this song makes me sad but then i feel llove when i hear it
because this song was the last moments i shared with people from my old school and when i hear this song it makes me reminisce on the memories i shared with people from school . it also reminds me that i never should be discourage no matter if its about love or life in general
i love this song and when i sing i sing this song wit a passion of true feeling, i even shed a few tears remembering my brother who also shed a few tears from this song
i love mariah's version of hero !!! <3

i lov u mariah-sarah | Reviewer: sarah | 10/8/09

i lov this song becuz ive been though it all im only 14 years old,but ive been in the hospital pretty much half my life.At least 5 outta every other time i was their i almost died. my grandpa died last year and out of all my family he was the one i loved 2 be wit and hold.this song makes me feel unstopable,and i feel like i can take on the world.so thank u mariah for letting me know that i am a hero and i will survive.:)

IN LOVE WIT THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Joan | 9/30/09



"Hero" The Truth!! | Reviewer: Bryanna | 8/6/09

"Hero" was my Nursing pinning ceremony song. Little did I know at the time I was being "pinned" that this song would stand in good stead for me. I've gone through the ringer (especially being an LPN) which is NOT a nurse by most people. I have been spit on, cursed at (by residents/patients) and intimidated and over-worked/understaffed(by those I thought highly of) in my profession. Still, when I think of "that day", the day that I was so proud of what I had accomplished in becoming the nurse I wanted to be, it has always given me the spirit and the strength to carry on in what I love to do most. And I say to any "new" nurses out there...."hang on...don't let NOTHING TEAR IT AWAY!". You are doing what you love and possibly what you have been put on this earth to do. Hang in there! I know you can do it. If you have a particularly bad day and need someone to talk to, you can find me at porkupine4nh@yahoo.com. I do have yahoo messenger. We "good-doers" have to stick together. The World is depending on us (even though they may not realize it just yet). :) Have a good day!!!

Cool | Reviewer: Milly Maysy | 7/4/09

I love this sond. It was one of my favourite songs. It actually tell me to get up and start all over again when I fail on something or don't pass my exam. This song is marvellous. I love it.

Milly Maysy the only girl!

i love it so much | Reviewer: sarah | 6/6/09

hayyy im sarah i want to say that i love this song so so so much and i love mariah cariy she hase a wenderfull vois and i like it wawwwww ma cha lah 3lik so i wish 4 u all the best and mor secsec in your life love and respact sarahhhh

I love this Song it's a Good Song | Reviewer: Samanatha | 3/23/09

Hero is My
Favorite Song by Mariah Carey that song Reminds Me of Hayile Johnsten and Connie Lew from Kids Incorproated Mariah Carey You Rock I love You
You have Been My Faveroite Singer Since 1990 I will Never Forget You or 1990 ever I love You Mariah Carey

my last memory | Reviewer: erwan | 2/21/09

this song is very beautiful...cz it's touching my heart so much,,,it's like my condition now.I have a sweetheart,,anyone is so kind with me...every morning,anyone always pick me up going to school at 06.40.But now,He picks me up at 05.45 cz We have the course at school...Anyone is like my hero..Whereas.anyone has had a sweetheart,i don't know by the time,i still expert anyone's love,,,oh, my hero,,i wish you know my heart!who is that...............?

the Lyrics of lyrics | Reviewer: wims | 1/31/09

Thanks Mariah for bringing to my notice of the hero in me, I've been living my life all theses years as a mediocre.It's one of the most motivational and inspirational message I've ever heard.

Mariah I love u.

i love it so much as it also reflects my life as ive lost fam | Reviewer: matthew moon | 1/7/09

I lOVE THAT SONG IT HELPS ME REMEMBER MY MUM AND MY UNCLE AND HIS SON MY CHAVED UP CUZ LOL im only 13 and ive lost everyone close too me its been a apsolute nightmare for me and my fam as i just also come into care as in foster care its realy killed me realy so (IF I COULD HAVE ONE THING I WOULD HAVE MY MUM BACK)SO TO ANYONE THAT HAS LOST THERE MAM I WOULD SAY GOOD LUCK AND STICK TOO IT LOL SO SEE YA

thankyou | Reviewer: Imi | 11/30/08

i love this song. i get bullied alot for just being me and singing this helps me cos i realise that it's not me thats making them bully me, it's their own insecurities. Personally i have more insecurities than i can deal with so that doesnt really help but hey. the song lso reminds me of my sister who died in 2006 of malaria. i miss her. my parents are disabled aswell and in less than 3 years ive lost 4 close members of my family. this resulted in me getting depression and anorexia. iam almost better now so thats good but all of this is not what should be experienced by someone of my age. im only 13. ive had alot of crap in my life but shockingly this song actually makes me feel better. thankyou xx