Love it!! | Reviewer: Rhonda | 7/23/07

Going through a divorce and this song gives me inspiration. Even though the cd is older, I heard it for the first time this weekend and I've put it on repeat ever since I heard it!!!

my loss | Reviewer: jeanine | 5/21/07

they played this song at my auntie kim funeral she was only 28 and she died from her last pregnancy and when they played this song i cryed everyday and till this day i still cry and wish she was here with her family and her babys


Amazing | Reviewer: Anthony | 2/17/07

I always liked Mariah Carey I think she is one of a kind.I could put this song on repeat and never get triered of it.This song is so special it should go on her greatest hits.

Uplifting | Reviewer: SweetTee | 10/25/06

This song is truly inspirational I love it. Whenever I'm feeling down I play it, it just has a way of making me feel better. It's very well written and put together.

Superbly sung, brilliantly composed | Reviewer: Ryan O'Neil Seaton | 7/27/06

This song confirms the meaning of saving the best for last. Its the best song on the album which communicates the true meaning of "emancipation" which the album is trying to define.

If producers are smart they would allow word music or some others to make an accompaniment track and get it exposed more in Christian Circles.

I only learned about this song this year!

A brillaint strategic finish to the album , similar to what Brian Mcknight did with "when the chariot comes" on the Anytime Album. I have not found a track for that song to date. It would be great if they made track availiable for this song. More royalties to Mariah. Dynamically sung with Class. Superb song.

Awesome | Reviewer: Janice | 6/16/06

This song is absolutely awesome. Mariah is unbeatable in her vocals on this song. The message is uplifting and so very much needed. The entire CD is wonderful, however, this song is stellar. Welcome back Mariah!

Fantastic! | Reviewer: Goldie | 5/20/06

I absolutely love this song. The power of Mariah's voice is incredible. It brings me to tears each time I hear it. The best song on the CD!

Fly Like a Bird | Reviewer: Brett | 5/8/05

This is classic Mariah Carey, a real song. "Fly Like a Bird" is the strongest 'song' on the album. Everything about it says 'classic'. I can imagine a few gospel artist covering this song soon.

Mariah has that Denise Williams 'Free' kinda vibe at the beginning, it's a light voice with a vibrato. I have to find out who the band is for this tune, as they play the heck out of an arrangement desgined to have you tapping your feet, feeliing your heart beat, checking the hairs on the back of your neck, all while reaching for your hanky to dry those tears of joy.

I LOVE this song! IF, Mariah's record label people are really smart, < L.A. Reid has an MBA from Harvard(ya shoulda gone to Fuqua!... anyway),> they will get this song on those 'Light" gospel formats ASAP, and cross it over to AHC, smooth Jazz, and R&B. Then push for it for 'Song of the Year'.

All of you wanna be's out there should try and sing 'Fly Like a Bird', it has some interesting challenges. I can't wait to hear a really good Gospel Choir try this one in church.