Anoited song from the Throneroom of Heaven | Reviewer: Joe | 11/29/12

My wife and I have recently been named Directors of a recovery ministry at our church and this song helps to give us hope during Praise and Worship time to know that God is taking us up and over our every hurt and circumstance if will trust in Him. Four months ago my mom passed away at home after a 7 year battle with Alzheimers and the night she passed away in her room I felt a total peace of God knowing she was flying with the angels of God to a place of no more suffering and pain. It actually put a smile on my face because i knew where she was going and I told her I'll catch up with her on the other side one day. Thank you Mariah for a beautiful song of Hope and Reflection!!!

awesome | Reviewer: Chiquita | 8/9/12

This song,is amazing.Mariah Carey you are annointed.Your music sooths.I've. Layed in my bed and,I've cried listening to your music.Sometimes I wish that I had wings,so that I could fly high above every dark cloud in my life.I have asked God to carry me high.I love birds,butterflies and angels.You are and angel,thank you.

Love it!! | Reviewer: Pamella | 4/13/11

Mariah, I'm an older woman. I've heard all of the Gospel greats. From James Cleveland to Donnie Mcclurkin. From Yolanda Adams to Karen Clark Sheard. I love them all. But THIS song here says it all. You've done a superb job with this song. It ministers to my heart everytime I hear it.It says exactly what I need to say to the Lord at the moment I'm down. I know that you've prayed this prayer. It's too real for you not to have. God is real.

Inspired | Reviewer: Brian | 2/1/11

i love this song and it touches my heart. i have been by you at a moment when you just wanted some peace.(you were at ORD boarding a Continental flight years ago) God Bless you Mariah and Be encouraged.

So Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

I love this song! I first heard this song at friends house and when I first listned to it, I was touch and overjoyed. I had to get this song so I got it from itunes. Thank you girl for making one beautiful song to the Lord. Stay blessed.

My favourite song | Reviewer: Angel | 7/22/09

Admittedly when I first heard this song last year, I hated it. I found it slow and confusing. But after I kept listening to it again and again, it slowly but surely became my favourite song. I learnt all the words off by heart.

Why it's my favourite song, I don't know. But it is. It's about God and I'm not religious, but it's also about survival - which really does mean a lot to me.

All in all, this is the best song I've ever heard. Nothing will ever come close to its magic.

kudos | Reviewer: tasha | 1/6/09

I luv dis song.! this song means alot 2 me. im goin thru sum hard times myself and i do feel like that sometimes. so like i said this song means alot 2 me. its awesome..... so kudos 2 u mariah. i luv ur voice.

Amazing | Reviewer: Jordan | 1/2/09

Its an amazing. Mariah is amazing, i love her so much, she is an amazing song writer, singer and actress!

I am hopefully going to your E=MC2 tour in London. I hope to see you doing your thing their!

Love you MC


mariah carey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/09

songs just fine if you get the mesagge in it dumby any way and her iq really is l45 and plus if you look up her iq theres diffrent ones you dumbys and what are you to jude her for plus she the only one who knows her own dange iq shes smart and you dont have to show your smarts its your chose to if you want to if peolple think your dumb that there apinan just keep it to your self but the song just peeeeeeeeeeerfect just fiiiiiiiiiiiine ok bye

The Voice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/08

I love mariah carey i listen to her songs every day especially this one it is well sung. Without a doubt she has amazing vocals especially the whistle register in this song it is done superbly 110%

Than you | Reviewer: karen | 2/29/08

i love this song and i love you . two weeks ago i had to do this music project and pick a religous song to sing i couldn't find any song untill i heard your song on the radio. you saved me from getting a complete zerooooooooooo. by the way your voice is awsome.

sexy | Reviewer: sabrina | 1/31/08

I love this sonf fly like a bird and had to sing this song at church at churc and i was a lead singer to sing of mariah carey parts. i love u mariah carey and i been to all your concerts but i even went back stage to meet u.

so amazing | Reviewer: leah | 12/11/07

i love this song one day god is going too come down and get me to carry me home but u jus have to be patient and wait..... mariah carry u can sing ur heart out.. i luv dis gurl. holla at me

One Word Amazinn | Reviewer: emma affane | 8/4/07

This Song Is The Best Its So Sweet And I Think Mariah Voice Omg Its Amazin She Can Go So High Shes Got The Best Voice In The World!!!

omg.!! love it!! | Reviewer: lissette | 7/28/07

Fly like a bird by mariah carey is a perfect song for thouse people in the world that are going threw harsh times. This song makes you realize there is a god, and you just have to be paitience and even though this is a harsh world, the lord will come for you! Just praise him..