Reviews for Everything Fades Away Lyrics

Performed by Mariah Carey

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Reflection of my personal situation | Reviewer: Christine | 12/30/2007

At the moment I listen a lot to this song because it reflects perfectly how I feel inside or what has happened to me. A really great song!

Thanks, Mariah! :)

Greetings from Christine

Perl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/2007

Great song, not comercial.
Her voice is amazing on that song. Expetacular how she sings and write about love that way. Mariah sing forever!!!!

Mariah carey- Everything fades away | Reviewer: Li | 4/5/2007

great song, one of her best heart felt songs.

beatuiful song | Reviewer: Lawrence Fernandez | 2/21/2007

This is the most beatuiful song i ever hear from Mariah Carey there anothor on slipping away ..

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