Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Stephanie | 11/22/11

I have loved this song since first hearing it on my then cassette tape. I have since converted to all cds of course. This song is so touching and real. It gets to me everytime I hear it. If you will also enjoy Petals, Butterfly, Outside and Vanishing.

best writter | Reviewer: max | 3/11/10

mariah in my opinion is one of the best writers to ever make music. her lyrics are so smooth and relatable it's astonishing. she gets the message of the song to match the music perfectly. i think her writing has been weak recently, but no one can take her amazing career from her. she was the best.

Review | Reviewer: Chiaki | 8/1/08

This song really reflects in a way Mariah, herself, is the only one who can pull it off. The lyrics really touch my heart, even though through my contradictional paradox. The many poetic phrases and soothing words, are amazing. "Close My Eyes", is a song anybody would love to hear through their hard-ships.

Gifted In Voice and Writting | Reviewer: Allie | 1/5/08

It's hard to write a song about a topic like this but Mariah pulled it off amazing. Not only did she get the message of the song out, but the song suits its lyrics. Which is something alot of artists are lacking today. Her vocals in here are calm, whispery, giving the image of freedom, summer freedom.
She's gifted. 'Nough said

long time fave | Reviewer: Rogue | 12/23/07

i have loved this song since it first came out and i first heard it. it hits so close to home and like another person said it is pure poetry . . . its perfect!

New song... | Reviewer: Alex | 11/26/07

This song is new to me. This girl whom I love has a severe affection for this song, so I am going to turn it into a piano solo, and play it for her.

Lyrics | Reviewer: David | 9/26/07

Mariah usually uses not-so-common words and phrases in her songs which makes it great and unique like in this song among many others - wayward, dissipate, on the verge, steadied my feet

amazing | Reviewer: Carl | 6/5/07

besides being an incredible song, it´s pure poetry. the lyrics are one of Mariah´s best.

Sweet | Reviewer: Danielle | 5/3/07

I love it. I can relate to the song a lot. I'm 17 years young. :)